Election of Chairperson

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24 June 2014
Chairperson: Ms D Magadzi (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Ms Dikeledi Magadzi (ANC) was elected Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Transport.  Committee members briefly discussed the importance of transport in the economy, as well as the importance of not politicising the challenging issues that would arise over the next five years.  The Strategic Plans and Annual Performance Plans submitted to the previous Committee in the Fourth Parliament would be distributed to Committee members which would help Members assess the upcoming budget vote.

Meeting report

Election of Chairperson
The Committee Secretary explained the procedure for electing the chairperson.  Mr P Sibande (ANC) proposed Ms D Magadzi (ANC), Mr G Radebe (ANC) seconded the proposal and Ms Magadzi accepted the nomination.  There were no further nominations and Ms Magadzi was elected.

The Chairperson thanked everyone and said the Committee would have to deal with challenging issues, because transport drove the economy.  The Committee was expected to make a difference in people’s lives and she looked forward to working harmoniously with all committee members to address these issues.

The Committee Secretary said a Draft Committee Programme in preparation for the next meeting would be forwarded to members once the programme had been discussed with the Chairperson.

Mr L Ramatlakane (ANC) asked if the previous strategic plans that dealt with the budget would also be forwarded to all members.

The Committee Secretary said the Annual Performance Plans (APPs) and Strategic Plans of the Department and its 12 entities that were submitted to the previous Committee could be tabled.  If the entities did not deviate from those plans, it could be distributed to the members.  Orientation documentation that addressed the role of the Portfolio Committee, the Department of Transport and its entities, would be distributed.

Mr De Freitas (ANC) said transport was the backbone of the economy and job creation and these issues should not be politicised.

Ms Z Rantho (ANC) said the strategic plans submitted to the previous administration should be forwarded to this Committee to enable comparison to current and future plans.

The Chairperson agreed because the budget would be debated very soon.  There was massive knowledge that could be tapped in this Committee and politicising of issues would not serve the country.  The Committee should use the next five years to make a difference to the lives of South Africans.

The meeting was adjourned.

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