Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill [B7-2014] not considered; Committee Legacy Report

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Employment and Labour

13 March 2014
Chairperson: Mr M Nchabeleng (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The agenda had noted that the Committee would consider the Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill but there were insufficient Members to constitute a quorum to continue, and after one hour of waiting, other MPs were called in to make up a quorum simply for the adoption of the draft Legacy Report. No discussion was held on the Bill at all.

Meeting report

Committee draft Legacy Report adoption  
The Chairperson and Members present waited for over 40 minutes to be joined by other Members of the Committee, and the Chairperson noted that none of them were answering their phones. He was trying to call other MPs in to constitute a quorum so that the Committee could proceed with its business.

Mr K Mubu (DA) left the committee room after waiting for 42 minutes.

When sufficient MPs had been asked to join the meeting for the purpose of making up a quorum, the Chairperson asked that the Members consider the legacy report.

Mr E Nyekemba (ANC) suggested that Members should raise specific issues rather than going through the report page by page.  

The Chairperson asked if any of them had any issues to raise, noting that Members of the Committee had had sufficient time to study it.

None of the Members who had constituted the Labour Portfolio Committee over the last five years raised any issues.

The draft Legacy Report was adopted.

Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill
The Chairperson stated that the Constitution did allow for bills to be passed on the last day of Parliament.

Ms J Fubbs (ANC), MP sitting in on the meeting, asked if this was the first tabling of the Bill, or if it had been in the process for some time.

The Chairperson stated that this Bill was referred to the Committee for the first time on the previous day.

Ms Fubbs asked if the Legacy Report that had just been passed mentioned the Bill, because if it did, she believed that this was then incorrect.

The Chairperson stated that it had merely been noted that an informal briefing was given. He did not believe that it was worth discussing the Bill at this late stage, and so no further work was done on it.

The meeting was adjourned.


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