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Ad Hoc Committee on Filling of Vacany On Gender Equality

30 July 2002

Mr L Zita (ANC)

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The Committee deliberated on the nomination process and the time frames at their disposal. The State President sent the previous recommendations back to Parliament for consideration. The process therefore had to be revisited

The Chairperson assumed that Members had had the opportunity to go through the CVs as most of them had come through the day before. The whole process has to be completed by the 21 August and they should not try to kill themselves by going through the CVs now.

Ms Van Wyk (NNP) wanted some clarity on whether people who had applied for the vacancy in the previous group of nominations are going to be reconsidered.

The Chairperson said, with regard to the previous applicants, they were not going to invite them for the interviews because they had already gone through the process. They are only trying to fill one vacancy because they were not happy about the previous nominations. Members had previously noted that many applicants were young and inexperienced.

Ms Van Wyk said she thought that because the State President had referred their recommendations back to the Committee, people who had not been invited on the previous occasion were going to be invited.

The Chairperson said the only person who has been prejudiced is a deaf person who had not been invited to the interviews.

Ms N Sono (DP) asked when they are going to conduct the interviews because in her party they do not need to caucus. She is the only one sitting on the Committee.

The Chairperson said his view was to tie up the process during this week because he will be leaving for Uganda to the meeting of Commonwealth MPs. He will be coming back on 13 August 2002.

Mr S Ntuli (ANC) suggested that as from 2 August people who have been shortlisted should be informed accordingly.

The Chairperson suggested that they meet on 1 August in order to give parties a chance to caucus.

Ms M Njobe (ANC) noted that in the previous round parties came with names and those that did not agree with the names had to motivate. She also suggested that the CVs should be numbered instead of calling names and asked whether it is really necessary to meet this week instead of the following week.

Mr Ntuli said that parties would have the opportunity to caucus on Wednesday, as the Committee will be meeting on Thursday.

The Chairperson reminded Members that they have about 55 CVs to peruse.

The meeting was adjourned.


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