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19 August 2002
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

19 August 2002

Chair: Mr Lincoln Vumile Ngculu

Three major items of pending legislation were slated for review by the Committee: the Medical Schemes Bill, the Medical and Related Substances Bill, and a bill concerning occupational diseases. In the absence of attending members from opposition parties, the ANC members present discussed and adopted a timeframe for public deliberations on the Medical Schemes Bill and Medical and Related Substances Bill.

Mr Ngculu (ANC) observed that no members of the opposition parties were present for the discussion of the Medical Schemes Bill and the Medical and Related Substances Bill. Mr Ngculu noted that the key issue at hand was to resolve on a timetable for public hearings. He recommended that an advert be prepared by the end of the week ( 23 August 2002) calling for public hearings on both bills, with the objective of commencing hearings within two weeks ( 2 -3 September 2002). Mr Ngculu hoped that the committee would be prepared to present its recommendations in the House by September.

Ms Njobe (ANC) asked if the forthcoming National Health Bill would also be discussed in the coming weeks.

Mr Ngculu reminded the Committee that the National Health Bill had not been formally presented for discussion; furthermore, the Committee would be preoccupied with the legislation under consideration in the near future. He noted that 13-14 September were the scheduled dates for a Committee workshop on the National Health Bill.

The Committee approved Mr Ngculu's recommended timeframe and adjourned.


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