Committee Programme; Report on Study Tour to Gauteng and Limpopo: adoption

Sports, Arts and Culture

13 August 2002
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Meeting Summary

A summary of this committee meeting is not yet available.

Meeting report

Sport and Recreation Portfolio Committee

13 August 2002

Ms R Bhengu (ANC)

Documents handed out:
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Draft Programme
Report on the study tour to Gauteng

The Minister of Sport and Recreation, Mr Ngconde Balfour, together with his departmental officials, briefed Members on the Bills to be tabled this session. These include the Fourth Sport Commission Amendment Bill, the Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill and the Boxing and Wrestling Control Amendment Bill. Finally the Committee adopted both the study tour report and its programme for the last two terms.

A Department official explained that there are four Bills that will be brought before the Committee. These include the Fourth Sport Commission Amendment Bill, which is geared essentially to align SASC with the principles of the Public Finance Management Act.
The Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill was brought back to the Department after Cabinet had expressed some concern over constitutionally related matters about the Bill.

The Boxing and Wrestling Control Amendment Bill is a result of inputs from sporting codes or Federations associated with the Bill. In addition input from the provincial MEC's as a result of the MINMEC meeting are awaited.

The Minister of Sport Mr Ngconde Balfour pointed out that the SASC amendment Bill is straight forward: it relates to the matters of accountability with regard to state finances. On the Sport and Recreation Amendment Bill he pointed out that they cannot have a situation where sports Federations do as they wish but come running to the Department when they need help.
On the Boxing and Wrestling Bill he pointed out that it is very true that the input of the provinces is important because it affects them.

Mr HP Chauke (ANC) applauded the Minister and his Department for coming out to brief the Committee about developments.

Mr Lee (DP) asked if the doping code is national or international.

Mr Ngconde pointed out that it is an international code and it will apply on an international stage.

The Chairperson asked about the deadlines for the submission of amendments which was the 8 August and has already passed.

A Departmental official responded that it is open to negotiations seeing that it has already elapsed.

Study Tour Reports
Mr MB Ntuli (ANC) pointed out that there are two reports that need to be tested: Gauteng and Limpopo. The Gauteng report they have just submitted a draft because they have yet to finalise the details. The Limpopo report is not ready yet because there are some gaps that need to be filled. He pointed out that perhaps it would be wise to give an extension for the reports to be finalised at a later stage.

Mr Louw (DP) expressed his agreement to the proposed position.

The Chairperson also expressed similar sentiments so that they can clearly formulate and finalise their views on the reports.

Ms NE Lamani (ANC) pointed out that they were well received in Gauteng with regard to the programme she pointed out that some of the meetings are those brought forward because they could not be held in the first two quarters. The Committee was supposed to visit Canada but this will not be possible due to cancellation of international tours.

The Chairperson said sport should not just be seen as just playing but as a tool for development. Sport has its own responsibilities and when they sit and debate there are people from the very same Committee who advocate against their budget. She asked Members whether they are happy with the programme. She informed the Committee that UCB has come to say that transformation has been achieved and they should give them a hearing. She expressed the wish that on this point they would work as a team and not display their politics in front of the UCB.

Mr MB Ntuli (ANC) said they should be responsible, objective and realistic.

A Member said she will be very happy when they meet UCB next week and if Members act responsibly they need to quote figures because she has been gathering some statistics from the various provinces.

The Chairperson urged Members not to be emotional about these issues.

Mr ET Ferreira (IFP) said he fully agreed that in a meeting of that nature they should not make squabbles but by the mere fact that they are from different political parties there is likely to be a collision course. Some Members would attack the Federations.

The Chairperson said it was not important to attack the Federations as it did not achieve anything. She added that they must find one another in order to see what the problem was. They must give an ear to the Federations because Parliament will not know how the laws affect the Federations if they do not give them a hearing.

Mr JT Louw (ANC) moved for the adoption of the report.

Mr TD Lee (DP) seconded the motion.

The meeting was adjourned.


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