Consideration of the Civilian Secretariat for Police Annual Report 2012/13

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15 October 2013
Chairperson: Ms A van Wyk (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

PMG did not attend this meeting as it was held outside of Parliament. The minute below was provided by the Committee Secretary.


Date:                Tuesday, 15 October 2013
Time:               09:30
Agenda:           Briefing by the Civilian Secretariat for Police on the 2012/13 Annual Report.

VENUE: South African Police Service Training Academy (Bishop-Lavis)


African National Congress (ANC)
Hon. A Van Wyk – Chairperson
Hon. M A Molebatsi
Hon. DP Sibiya

Democratic Alliance (DA)
Hon. D Kohler Barnard
Hon. DJ Stubbe

Congress of the People (COPE)
Hon. M George

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)
Hon VB Ndlovu

Hon. D Chili (ANC)
 Hon. G Lekgetho (ANC)
Hon. PA Mocumi (ANC)
Hon PJ Groenewald (FF)
Hon WM Thring (ACDP)

Staff in attendance
Ms B Mbengo                                        - Committee Secretary
Mr S Mahlabela                                     - Committee Assistant
Ms N Van Zyl-Gous                                - Committee Researcher
Mr I Kinnes                                            - Committee Content Advisor
Mr S Gabayi                                          -Technician
Ms K Mkize                                           -Intern
Mr TE Gubula                                        -Media Officer

Civilian Secretariat for Police
Ms JA Irish-Qhobosheane                       -Secretary of Police
Ms DA Ben                                           -Chief Director: Legislation
Mr S Mahote                                         -Parliamentary Liaison Officer
Mr A Soman                                          -Director: Legislation
Ms B Omar                                           - Chief Director: Policy & Research
Mrs M Kewuti                                        -Chief Director: Monitoring & Evaluation
Mr SM Nyathi                                        -Office Manager
Mr AA                                                   - Director: Internal Audit
Mr D Zimu                                             -Chief Director
Mr MP Mashibini                                    - Chief Director
Mr SS Nkanunu                                     -Parliamentary Liaison Officer

Others in attendance
Mrs C Lobe                                           - Acting Director (IPID)
Mr NF Roberts                                       -Member of the Ex Co

Opening and Welcome

The Chairperson opened the meeting at 09:30 and welcomed all present.

2.         Summary of meeting

The Committee Researcher presented the summary and analysis on the 2012/13 Annual Report of the Civilian Secretariat for Police. The presentation mainly focused on the following areas: introduction; key issues during the 2012/13 financial year; financial performance; Human Resources and five programmes: Administration (Programme 1), Partnerships (Programme 2), Policy & Research (Programme 3), Legislation and Monitoring (Programme 4), Evaluation & Reporting (Programme 5).

The Civilian Secretariat for Police presented on the 2012/13 Annual Report. The presentation focused on the following areas: introduction, vision and mission, objectives, budget allocation and expenditure, explanation for variances, reasons for the under-spending of R 20 million, five programmes, achievements and becoming designated department.

3.         Proceedings

The Committee Researcher presented the summary and analysis on the 2012/13 Annual Report of the Civilian Secretariat for Police.

The Civilian Secretariat for Police briefed on the 2012/13 Annual Reports and its programmes namely:
Programme 1: Administration to ensure that staff of the Civilian Secretariat for Police is supported to create a conducive work environment to improve service delivery.
Programme 2: Partnerships to manage and encourage national dialogue on community safety and crime prevention.
Programme 3: Policy & Researcher to provide policy and research services to the Secretary of Police.
Programme 4:   Legislation to provide legislative support services to the Secretary of Police.
Programme 5: Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting to monitor and oversee the functions of the Police service.

4.         Summary of Decisions:

The following decisions were taken by the Committee:

The Committee requested for additional information from programme 1 and 5:

Detailed staffing plan for the remaining 34 posts of the new organisational structure of the Secretariat.
Detailed report on progress made in training of staff.
Detailed report on the number of bursaries awarded to staff, including the pass rates achieved in courses, the duration of courses and number of staff continuing. Implementation plan for the establishments of Provincial Secretariats.
Details on the establishment of Community Policing Forums (CPFs) and Community Safety Forums(CFSs)
Progress report on the revised Reservist Policy
Compliance reports on the DVA
Report on the compliance to the implementation of recommendations to the IPID and SAPS made by the Secretariat.
Report on the Audit outcomes


The Chairperson thanked everybody for their attendance and closed the meeting at 19:00.



Meeting report

Minutes for this committee meeting are not yet available.


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