Consideration of Nominations

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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

31 July 2002

Mr. MJ Mahlangu (ANC)

Documents handed out

After rigorous discussion members felt that they should ask Parliament to extend the life of the Committee in order to re-open the nomination process.

The Chairperson reminded members that when they met on 29 July 2002 seven nominees had applied. This list had been distributed to members. The post would become vacant by the 30 September 2002 when Mr Baqwa will leave. The Public Protector is the most important institution out of Chapter 9 institutions established by the Constitution and urged members to look at the Constitution before interviewing applicants.

He said the Constitution required that a Public Protector should be a South African citizen fit to hold such an office. Mr Mahlangu stated some of the criteria for candidates such as being a Judge of the High Court, qualified to be admitted as an Advocate or Attorney, minimum of ten years experience and should not be getting any remuneration outside the precinct of the office. He said it is crucial that members apply their minds and should understand the powers of the Public Protector.

The following are the names of the seven nominees.
1.Professor John Baloro
2.Professor MA Gumbi
3. Advocate Ferdinand Gustav Preller
4.Mpumelelo Nyoka
5.Professor Bongani Majola
6. Dr. JH du Plessis
7. Mr. RR Dehal

Ms C September (ANC) asked the Chairperson to clarify the number of CVs in his possession.

The Chairperson said he did not receive any other nominees except the seven nominations at their disposal.

Ms September said therefore it would be correct for the ANC to call for more nominations.

Mr HC Schmidt (DP) said the number was limited and they would support the extension of the nominations process.

Mr J Durandt (NNP) said he agreed with the previous speakers.

The Chairperson said since everybody agreed they should reopen the process he would have to approach higher authorities but members should be aware of time constraints.

Ms September proposed that the nominations be run for two weeks.

The Chairperson asked the press to assist them with publicity.

Adv Schmidt proposed that the Chairperson issued a press statement on why they were extending the process.

Ms September said the Chairperson had said earlier on that because of time constraints he needed to interact with the relevant authorities who might not necessarily agree to all the proposals.

The Chairperson asked members not to debate the issue as they still needed to request Parliament to extend the life of the Committee in the form of a resolution and agreed with Advocate Schmidt for the need to issue a press statement.

Meeting was adjourned.


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