South African Language Practitioners' Council Bill [B14B-2013]: adoption; KwaZulu-Natal Oversight Report

Arts and Culture

16 October 2013
Chairperson: Ms T Sunduza (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee considered and adopted its report on the South African language Practitioners Council Bill. In addition, Members also discussed and approved the KwaZulu-Natal Oversight report. Members expressed concern that there were no resolutions in the document, that it contained many spelling mistakes and that it had not been published in the Announcements, Tablings and Committees even though the visit took place in July 2012. Members emphasized the need to do a follow up on the things that were listed in the resolutions. It was agreed that the Committee Secretary would forward the revised report to Members next Monday.

Meeting report

The Chairperson asked why the minutes were not adopted since February.

Mr Mxolisi Dlamuka, Content Advisor, said that the Committee support staff had the capacity to finish the minutes so that they could be considered three days after the meeting. He accepted the responsibility for the late adoption of minutes.

Mr D Mavunda (ANC) suggested that the Committee should consider all the minutes page by page and correct all the mistakes.  

The Chairperson said that process of considering minutes that were discussed long time ago was not viable because she could hardly remember most of the content.

Mr N Van Der Bergh (DA) suggested that the Committee Researcher should go through the minutes and compile all resolutions and recommendations and the Committee would look at them at a later stage for the purposes of follow up.

The Chairperson and Dr H Van Schalkwyk (DA) concurred with Mr Van Der Berg’s suggestion.

Mr Van Der Berg and the Chairperson suggested that the Committee should do follow up on the resolutions and take action on them.

Mr P Ntshiqela (COPE) moved for adoption of minutes en masse, and Mr Van Der Berg seconded the motion to be amended later after they had been edited. 

Kwazulu-Natal Report Oversight report
The Chairperson tabled the report for consideration.

Mr Van Der Berg moved for the adoption.

Ms L Moss (ANC) pointed out that the report did not have resolutions, she then asked the Ms Ajabulile Mtiya to compile resolutions so that Members could do a follow up because there was a resolution on the Luthuli Museum.

The Chairperson asked the support staff who was responsible for reminding the Committee that it had discussed and made resolutions

Mr Dlamuka explained that the report was supposed to have been compiled right after the Committee had returned from the oversight trip. He accepted the blame for not reminding the Committee. The report should have been published in the Announcements, Tablings and Committees (ATC).

The Chairperson told the Committee Secretary, Ms Ajabulile Mtiya, to look at the KZN oversight report and to send the revised report to Members next Monday. She would then follow up if necessary.

The Chairperson recalled that the Committee went to KZN in July 2012 and that the report was still not published in the ATC. “This was not on”.

Mr Van Der Berg urged the support staff to compile comprehensive reports.

Ms F Mushwana (ANC) suggested that the Committee should do a follow up on the things that were in the resolutions.

Ms Mushwana reminded Members that during the KZN trip the Committee promised to speak to the Portfolio Committee on Basic Education that it had promised money to the John Dube Museum.

The Chairperson said that grandson of John Dube was problematic and extorting money from politicians

Mr Van Der Berg raised concern about the spelling mistakes in the document. He added that there was no excuse for that and it should not happen in future.

Mr Dlamuka said that the recommendations could be outdated because the Department had bought the house to be converted into a Museum.

The Chairperson said that generations in the future with think that the Committee was not serious when they read the minutes. She urged the staff to correct mistakes even after the minutes had been adopted. She insisted that the Committee should discuss the resolutions and recommendations.

Mr Ntshiqela moved for adoption, Van Der Berg seconded the motion and the KZN oversight report was adopted pending the inclusion of amendments. He added that the content of the report was correct except for the spelling. He suggested that someone should lend a hand to the support staff when they compiled minutes.

Ms Moss said that the Committee had to discuss the report then the recommendations.

The Chairperson said that the report did not have recommendations.

Mr Ntshiqela questioned the point of discussing the report because the Chairperson had made a ruling on the matter.

South African Language Practitioners Council Bill Draft Report
The Chairperson tabled the document for consideration.

Mr Van Der Berg said that he read the report and he was satisfied with the summary of the submission. There was enough time given to the public for submissions. He then moved for adoption and Mr Mabunda seconded the motion, the report was adopted without amendments.

Members thanked the Staff for the speedy work in compiling the abovementioned report.

Other Matters
The Committee Secretary mentioned that the Budgetary Review and Recommendation Report was not ready because there was some things that still needed to be added to the report. The Department could not produce a report before the BAS and Logis systems had interfaced. The second quarter report from the Department would only be sent to the staff on Friday, 18 2013 and Members would get the overall report on Sunday evening.

The Committee agreed to meet on t22 October 2013 to consider both reports

The meeting was adjourned.  


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