Cancellation of meeting due to lack of quorum

Arts and Culture

08 October 2013
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Meeting Summary

The Committee cancelled its meeting due to a lack of quorum. The present Members expressed unhappiness that the meeting could not proceed. The ANC indicated that it would report this to the Chief Whip of the majority party. It was agreed that all the items on the agenda would be addressed the following day.

Meeting report

Ms Ajabulile Mtiya, Committee Secretary, stated that the Chairperson would not be able to attend the meeting. In addition, she noted that only four members were present and this was not sufficient to form a quorum and to elect an acting Chairperson.

Mr N Van Den Berg (DA) said that he had a real problem as today's work could not be done the next day as there were other commitments. All those that had attended had made an effort to do so. He found the situation “unacceptable” and “ridiculous”.

Ms L Moss (ANC) replied that she would report the poor attendance to the Chief Whip of the ANC immediately. Members had been given the programme for the term and knew when meetings were scheduled. There was a need to tackle all business before the end of the year.

Ms Moss further expressed apologies to all those who had attended and had made an effort, including the Department and support staff. She understood that the Bill was an important matter but she did not see how it could be put into the next meeting. She hoped that all three items could be squeezed into the programme for the next day.

Dr H Van Schalwyk (DA) asked if Ms Mtiya could contact all the absent Members to make sure that they would be attending the meeting the following day.

Ms Mtiya said that the majority of members had sent apologies as had the PLO for the Ministry, the Minister, Deputy Minister as well as Director-General.

Ms Moss said she would go to the Chief Whip and report what had transpired here today and that he would make sure that there was a quorum tomorrow.

Ms Monica Newton, Deputy Director-General, Department of Arts and Culture, said that the Department would try as hard as they could to avail themselves tomorrow.

The meeting was adjourned.



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