Geomatics Profession Bill: postponement of briefing & finalisation

NCOP Land Reform, Environment, Mineral Resources and Energy

13 August 2013
Chairperson: Ms A Qikani (ANC; Eastern Cape)
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Meeting Summary

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform was scheduled to brief Members on the amendments made by the Portfolio Committee on Rural Development and Land Reform to the Geomatics Profession Bill [B4A-2013]. The Committee was then expected to finalise the bill. However, the meeting was postponed to the following week due to the lack of quorum.

Meeting report

The Chairperson announced apologies from the Minister and five Committee Members. In addition, she mentioned that two Members would be arriving late and that eight Members were absent without apologies.

The Chairperson asked all officials from the Department to introduce themselves.

Department Officials present:
Mr Mmuso Riba, Chief Surveyor-General; DRDLR
Mr Nhlanhla Mazibuko, Director: Office of the Chief Surveyor-General; DRDLR
Mr Rajenda Salig, Chief Director: Cadastral Advisory and Research Services; Office of the Chief Surveyor-General; DRDLR
Mr Siyabonga Mdubeki, Chief Director: Cadastral Spatial Information; Office of the Chief Surveyor-General; DRDLR,
Ralph Sebifelo, Parliamentary Liaison Officer; DRDLR

Mr Gideon Hoorn, Principal State Law Adviser: Office of the State Law Adviser, Department of Justice and Ms Sueanne Isaac, Parliamentary Legal Adviser; Parliament,  also  introduced themselves to the Committee.

The Chairperson said that since the Geomatics Profession Bill [B4B-2013] was a section 75 Bill, a quorum was required to vote on it. Although time was crucial, the briefing by the DRDLR would not be permitted to proceed. There were no opposition Members present and even with the two late arrivals there would not be a quorum. The meeting would thus be postponed until the following week.

Mr G Mokgoro (ANC; Northern Cape) added that it was with great regret that the Committee had to postpone the meeting until a quorum was present. This was not acceptable as was an example of fruitless expenditure.

The meeting was adjourned.


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