Planned Oversight visits to North West & Limpopo and other matters

NCOP Health and Social Services

28 May 2013
Chairperson: Ms R Rasmeni (ANC; Western Cape)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee briefly discussed its planned oversight visit to the North West and Limpopo. It was agreed that the programme would be given to Members once they have been finalised.
The Committee also considered and adopted several outstanding minutes.

Meeting report

Welcome and Apologies
The Chairperson opened the meeting and welcomed the Committee members. Thereafter, she read out the names of Members who had sent apologies- these were Ms M Moshidi (ANC; Free State), Ms M Makgate (ANC; North West) and Mr W Faber (DA; Northern Cape).

Consideration of Committee Minutes
Committee Minutes dated 26 March
The Chairperson tabled the minutes for consideration. She went over the document and asked Members if they had any questions or any changes they would like to make.
No changes were proposed.
Ms D Rantho (ANC; Eastern Cape) supported by Mr M De Villiers (DA; Western Cape) voiced their support for the adoption of the minutes.
The Committee approved the minutes with no changes.

[Mr S Plaatjie (COPE; North West) arrived to the meeting.]

Committee Minutes dated 23 April
The Chairperson went over the minutes document and asked if Committee members were in support of the adoption of minutes.
Mr De Villiers seconded by Ms B Mncube (ANC; Gauteng) moved for the adoption of minutes and Committee members agreed with them.

Committee Minutes dates 14 May
The Chairperson went over the minutes and asked if members would like to add their input.

Ms Rantho pointed out that reference was made to “Controls and Systems” and asked if the Committee could have a record for the systems and controls that were in place. The statement was vague in specifying what kind of systems and controls were being referring to.

The Chairperson asked Members if they accepted that the statement needed to be elaborated. The Committee Secretariat would have to go back and amend it.
Ms Mncube said that it was addressed, nothing was specified but they were awaiting a response.

Mr De Villiers asked about the Smart Card system that was meant to be implemented. There was no mention of the smart cards in the minutes.
The Chairperson replied that she had seen something in the minutes about the rolling out of the smart cards. There was a response and the answer to the question was in page four of the minutes.

Ms Rantho stated that the programme was already being implemented.

Mr De Villiers asked if someone had a smart card would they be able to pick it up that the person was registered during the elections

The Chairperson said that this would be looked at.  

Mr De Villiers supported by Ms Mncube were happy with the amendments.

Other Matters
Ms Rantho raised her concern about Mr J Gunda’s (ID; Northern Cape) absence and non-apology. Was there a way that the Committee could check up on him? It seemed as though he was only present for trips and visits.

The Chairperson replied that she would look into this.

Ms M Boroto( ANC; Mpumalanga) reminded the Committee that it had two oversight visits scheduled to take place over a period of two weeks. The Committee should start working on the organisation and what would be done.

The Chairperson commended Ms Boroto for helping to schedule and organise the trip.

Ms Mncube said that the plan was to have a trip from the North West to Limpopo and the borders before Botswana.

Ms Boroto said that the Committee should consult with the researchers for details and assistance with the organisation of the oversight visit so that the Committee could decide if it did both in one week or split the two up over two weeks.

A parliamentary staff member gave a brief report on the details of the oversight visits. The proposal was that there would be two oversights; one oversight would be allocated to both departments. The other proposal was that one oversight be allocated to a single department, one for the Department of Education and the other for the Department of Social services. A meeting would be held once the programmes were decided upon.

Ms Boroto said that the Committee had a limited time to decide because the oversight meetings would happen soon.

The Chairperson released the Committee Members.

The meeting was adjourned.


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