Pan South African Language Board Interviews: day 2

Arts and Culture

25 May 2013
Chairperson: Ms T Sunduza (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee continued with its interviews for vacancies on the the Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB).

The following short-listed candidates were interviewed:

Prof M Madiba
Prof W Carstens
Mr G Isaka
Ms M Levin

Meeting report

Interviews of Candidates for the Pan South African Languages Board
The following questions were asked to the short-listed candidates:
● Candidates were asked to brief the Committee on their background and focus on their knowledge of language issues.

● Candidates were asked how they would ensure that provincial departments and municipalities were using African languages in their communication.

● Candidates were asked to comment on the application of Section 6(4) of the Constitution of the Republic Of South Africa.

● The 2011 census indicated that there is a decline in the use of indigenous languages while the use of English had risen by a percentage. Candidates were asked about the measures they would use to ensure that indigenous language use grew.

● They were asked to explain the role of language in promoting multiculturalism.

● Candidates were asked which strategy could be used to promote indigenous languages at home, work and in the broader society.

● Candidates were asked to explain their understanding of the current climate of the language situation in South Africa.

● Candidates were asked how they were going to promote and interact with universities so as to translate books into indigenous languages.

● Candidates were asked whether PanSALB had reached a stage that it should be effective.

● They were asked how they could ensure that sign languages reached their potential.

● They were asked whether they thought Afrikaans was a marginalised language. What could be done to promote marginalised languages?

● Candidates were asked about their views on corruption. They were also asked to list their expertise knowledge on governance issues.

● They were asked what steps they could take to fill the vacant posts in PanSALB.

● Candidates were asked if they had interpersonal management skills to manage conflict within the board.

● Candidates were asked what role they envisaged for themselves in drafting language policies for their provinces.

● They were asked how they would manage unnecessary conflict between PanSALB staff and its Board.

● Candidates were asked what their opinion was of section 6(2), and what measures they would put in place to ensure that the state, including provinces and municipalities, complied fully with this constitutional requirement.

The meeting was adjourned.

Please refer to audio recording for responses.


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