Interviews for the Position of Deputy Public Protector

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Justice and Correctional Services

18 November 2012
Chairperson: Mr L Landers (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to conduct interviews for the position of Deputy Public Protector. The Committee short-listed 5 candidates for the interviews but only 4 were interviewed because Mr Jakie Sentsho who was one of the short-listed candidates did not avail himself for the interview.

The following short-listed candidates were interviewed by the Committee:

1. Ms Motlatjo Ralefatene
Mr Zwelethu Madikizela
3. Mr Kevin Malunga
4. Ms Lahlang Somo

Meeting report

Interviews of Candidates for Deputy Public Protector Position
The following questions were asked to the short-listed candidates:

●Candidates were asked to give a brief background of themselves and why they wanted to be appointed the next Deputy Public Protector (DPP).
●Candidates were asked to explain their experience and leadership skills in the management of other people.
●They were asked how they would handle tensions in the Office of the Public Protector when feeling threatened.
●They were asked if they had a serious disagreement with Public Protector in terms of the decisions she had made and how they would resolve any dispute with her.
●They were asked if they related with other people in the work place and how well they related.
●They were asked how they would ensure that justice had been done since their profession compelled them to carry out justice.
●Candidates were asked how they dealt with the issue of confidentiality.
●Candidates were asked whether they belonged to political parties or had membership thereof.
●Candidates were asked whether they were eligible for the position of DPP.
●Candidates were asked what would happen to their professional practices if they were to be appointed as DPP and why they would be prepared to give it up.
●They were asked what their view was with regard to the Public Protector attending political party events or rallies.
●They were asked how they would distinguish between the Public Protector’s personal capacity and her alignment to a political party, would that not compromise her credibility.
●Candidates were asked how they would add value to the work of the Office of the Public Protector and if they knew the functions of the Office.
●Candidates were asked if they were to be appointed would they leave their membership on other various boards they served and have enough time to commit themselves to the work of the Public Protector.
●They were asked what the latest finding of the Public Protector was that they had read recently.
●They were asked whether they had any criminal record or had been convicted of a criminal offence.
●They were asked if they had any business interests that they had to declare.
●They were asked how good they were in managing conflicts.
●Candidates were asked when the last time they had publish an article in a newspaper was.
●Candidates were asked whether they intended to serve the whole 7 year period as DPP.
●Candidates were asked if a political party laid a case to the Office of the Public Protector, would they view that case as a political point scoring case.
●They were asked to express their views on the review of the judicial system of the country.
●The Chairperson informed all interviewed candidates that the salary for the position of Deputy Public Protector was a level 15 category.
Please refer to audio recording for responses.


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