2013 First Term Committee Programme

Science and Technology

14 November 2012
Chairperson: Mr N Ngcobo(ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The outstanding minutes were adopted with no Amendments as there was a quorum. The Committee secretary outlined the provisional 2013 First Term Committee Programme.


Meeting report

Outstanding Committee Minutes

The outstanding meetings were adopted with No Amendments.

2013 First Term Committee Programme

The Chairperson tabled the 2013 First Term Committee Programme for consideration and asked the Committee Secretary to guide Members through the document.

Ms Shanaaz Isaacs, Committee Secretary, explained the upcoming programme. She stated that the Committee would work out the strategic focus of the Committee in the New Year. This would work out a longer term programme. What she had done was, in the interim, put together something that would take the Committee to the first term in March 2013. One needed to take into consideration the constituency period which was from the 14 -25 January and then committee period from 28 January-8 February. Within that time leading to February there was member training and thus this could not be used. This left the 29, 30 and 31 January so this could be used for the Committee’s workshop and planning for the remainder of the second term. On the 20 February 2013 she felt it was appropriate to have the Department brief on the 3rd quarter expenditure report. She then outlined the various entities who would proposed could presenting during that time including the Department, a briefing by Microsoft, a briefing on Research and Development expenditure and a briefing on the National Space Programme. She said that the programme was always subject to change and any matter tabled in Parliament would receive priority.


The Chairperson called for input.

Mr P Smith (IFP) said that many of the entities did not warrant a full 3 hour session. He asked if there was a possibility of placing two entities within a meeting rather than one due to the backlog of issues that needed to be addressed.

The Chairperson said that he thought it was important to have enough time for each presenter as it depended on the extent of interaction needed.

The meeting was adjourned.


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