Outstanding Committee Matters

NCOP Health and Social Services

30 October 2012
Chairperson: Ms R Rasmeni (ANC; Northern Cape)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee agreed to defer consideration on the negotiation mandates on the National Health Amendment Bill [B24B – 2011] to Tuesday, 13 November 2012 when the Committee returned from the Northern Cape. This would allow provinces time to submit their final mandates. Members enquired whether amendments proposed by the provinces had been incorporated in the bill, gazetted and sent to the provinces.

The Committee also adopted outstanding minutes dated 11 September 2012.

Meeting report

Opening Remarks
The Chairperson opened the meeting and informed members that the National Health Amendment Bill was still outstanding.

Committee Minutes dated 11 September 2012
The Chairperson tabled the minutes for consideration and wanted to know if they were accurate.

Mr M De Villiers (DA; Western Cape) referred to paragraph 2.2.2 and asked whether the word ‘controlling’ was spelt correctly. It should be spelt with only one ‘l’. Several members stated that the word was indeed spelt correctly.

Mr De Villiers referred to 2.4.1 and asked why there was a ‘c’ in a circle in that sentence.

Ms Marcelle Williams, Committee Secretary, informed the meeting that it was in fact meant to be a ‘c’ in brackets.

Mr De Villiers stated that in 2.6.7, the word ‘mayor’ in the text should be in quotation marks as this referred to the wording of the Bill, as opposed to the mayor specifically.

Mr W Faber (DA; Northern Cape) agreed.

Ms Williams interjected and said that the document had been received as it was from the Provinces and so it would not be possible to change or edit it.

The Chairperson said that in that case, the amendment should just be left out.

Mr Faber then said if this was indeed the case as stated by the Committee Secretary; the Committee should just go through every change.

The Chairperson asked the members if every resolution had been captured correctly.

The members agreed.

The Chairperson called for a movement to adopt.

Ms D Rantho (ANC; Eastern Cape) moved for the adoption.

Mr Faber seconded the motion.

The Committee adopted the minutes.

Committee Planning and Announcements
The Chairperson informed Members that the oversight visit to the Northern Cape on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome had been approved. It would take place from the 27-30 November. She stressed the importance of the visit as it had been postponed too long and should be dealt with.

Negotiating Mandates on the National Health Amendment Bill
The Chairperson proposed that the discussion take place on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 when the Committee returned from the Northern Cape. This would allow provinces time to submit their final mandates.

The Committee agreed.

Mr Faber asked when the drafts would be completed and when they would be available to be taken to the provinces.

The Chairperson responded that the provinces were meant to come to Parliament.

Ms B Ncube (ANC; Gauteng) stated that the different provinces had suggested inputs for the Bill. She saw now in the notes that it said ‘corrections accepted’, ‘improvements accepted’. She was not sure if this was how the Department was responding. She sought clarity on this. Further, the document stated it had been affected in September, but it was not in the Gazette. Had it been gazetted? It should have been gazetted so the provinces could see it and respond and then it should be sent back to the Committee.

Mr Faber agreed.

Ms Williams agreed with the Members and stated that procedurally, the adopted minutes would be sent to the provinces so that they could finalise their final mandates. This process would go ahead as planned. However, the draft and amendments were still awaited from the lawyers. These would then be sent to the provinces when they were ready.

Mr Faber said he was clear now on the process, adding that it would be fine if the provinces just accepted them, but he wondered what would happen if this was not the case.

Ms Ncube asked if the amendments should not also be presented to the National Assembly. She was informed that this would happen after the final mandates.

The Chairperson read a letter from Dr Thulisile Twala who had served the Committee but was moving to a different position in Parliament. The Committee congratulated her and wished her well.

Ms Ncube asked when the drafts would go to the provinces.

Ms Williams answered that it would go to the printers on Wednesday, 31 October 2012. She believed it could be then be sent out by the following week.

The Chairperson informed Members that the meeting of the Select Committee on Education had been postponed. She stated further that Education Committee would finalise the Further Education and Training Colleges Amendment Bill on Tuesday, 4th of December. This was the same day as Social Services; therefore the Committee would start with Education at 09h00 on that day until 10h00, thereafter the business of Social Services would start.

The Chairperson adjourned the meeting.


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