Matters relating to quorum and decisions; Committee Fourth Term Programme


19 September 2012
Chairperson: Mr J Maake (ANC), Mr S Montsitsi (ANC; Gauteng)
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Meeting Summary


The Committee had previously expressed concern about the persistent lack of quorum for committee meetings and how this impacted on its ability to take decisions. A Senior Procedural Official was invited to brief Members on the Joint Rules of Parliament concerning this smatter. The official quoted rule 27 and 38 of the Joint Rules and highlighted that a joint committee may proceed with business irrespective of the number of members present. The official further cautioned Members that if the Committee was not functioning properly then the co-chairpersons could be summoned to appear before the Rules Committee. Members sought clarity on whether the NCOP Members needed to have a quorum and make decisions.

The Committee also briefly discussed its programme for the fourth term. Some Members felt that they were not consulted when the programme wad drafted and it did not reflect the Joint Defence Committee role but was meant for the NCOP. The programme was not approved.

Meeting report

Minutes for this committee meeting are not yet available.


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