Report on the appointment of candidates to serve on the Central Drug Authority Board: adoption

Appointment to Central Drug Authority Board

29 August 2012
Chairperson: Ms Y Botha (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met briefly to consider and adopt its Report on the appointment of candidates to serve on the Central Drug Authority Board. Members approved the report.

Meeting report

Report on the appointment of candidates to serve on the Central Drug Authority Board (CDA)
The Chairperson tabled the report for consideration. Thereafter, she explained that the document highlighted the role of the CDA, how members were appointed to the board of the Agency, the subcommittee tasked with the selection of candidates, the shortlisting of names to be interviewed and then finally the names that were recommended to the Minister of Social Development.

The Chairperson noted that the only amendment she saw on the report was that Mr V Magagula was an alternate Member of the Committee.

Ms P Tshwete (ANC) suggested that the names of the candidates should be listed according to the weight of their scores without mentioning the actual sores- from highest score to the lowest scoring candidate.

Mr R Bhoola (MF) asked about the impact of the candidate that withdrew from the interviewing process on the whole process.

The Chairperson explained that the candidate in question had two appointments scheduled for the same time. She then withdrew at the last moment to go to the other appointment. The short-listed candidates were made up of five women and seven men, they were made up of mix of occupations from academics, NGO workers working with people involved with substance abuse, religious leaders traditional healers.

Mr Magagula moved for adoption and Ms Tshwete seconded the motion.

Mr Waters suggested that the names of the short-listed candidates should indicate clearly the gender of each candidate because prefixes such as Prof or Dr did not indicate the gender of a person.

Any Other Business
Durban Social Security Training 3rd -7th August 2012
Ms Lindiwe Ntsabo Committee Secretary informed Members that flight arrangements and hotel bookings had already been made. She then went through the programme highlighting the agenda on each day.

The meeting was adjourned.


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