Committee Report on Public Hearings on Mining Charter

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Mineral Resources and Energy

24 February 2012
Chairperson: Mr F Gona (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee Report and Research Unit Report on the Public Hearings on the Mining Charter were not discussed as they did not comply with the suggestions the Committee had made previously. The Reports needed to reflect the views of the Committee and the Department and not only those of the mining companies who spoke at the hearings. There needed to be both local and international research and analysis on the issues involved in the Mining Charter. The reports would be redone for discussion at a later meeting. The Committee raised concerns about the Mining Indaba held recently which had a very dominant international presence and suggested one should be held with South African stakeholders. The Committee would engage with the Chamber of Mines on this. The month-long violent strike at the Impala Platinum Rustenburg mine was raised and the Department would be asked to provide a report.

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