JC Review: Postponement of Meeting

Constitutional Review Committee

01 September 2011
Chairperson: Mr P Holomisa (ANC) and Mr B Mnguni (ANC, Free State)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee postponed the adoption of outstanding minutes and deliberations on the 2011 public submission due to the lack of a quorum.

Meeting report

Mr Holomisa asked the Members whether the meeting should be postponed given that they were not enough Members to form a quorum.

Mr C De Beers (ANC, Northern Cape) suggested that the Committee should proceed and consider the outstanding minutes. However, the adoption should be deferred to a later date. He argued that it was sometimes difficult to recall what was discussed in previous meetings if their minutes were only considered long after the fact.

Mr Holomisa reminded the Members that the minutes they were about to adopt would form part of the end of the year Committee Report which meant that the Members could not consider the minutes without forming a quorum.

Ms B Mncube (ANC, Gauteng) suggested that the meeting be postponed for further notice.

Ms C Dikgale (ANC, Limpopo) concurred with Honourable Mncube. In addition, she reminded everyone that there had been an agreement that meetings would be scheduled at times that were suitable to most Members so that there would be no need to keep postponing meetings.

Ms D Rantho (ANC, Eastern Cape) suggested that the Committee Secretary, Ms Pat Jayiya, should check if there were any openings (for a meeting) in the following week. In addition, she should check if most Members were available so that the Committee could adopt the outstanding minutes and do deliberations on the 2011 public submissions.

Mr Mnguni promised to help the Committee Secretary in checking the available dates and times and then would inform the Members.

Mr Holomisa apologised for the inconvenience caused to the Members.

The meeting was adjourned.


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