Final Report of Ad Hoc Committee on Commission for Gender Equality Forensic Investigation: adoption

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Meeting Summary

The Chairperson reported on the National Assembly’s Resolution of 12 April 2011 to instruct the Ad Hoc committee to incorporate in its work the proceedings and all the work done between 29 January 2011 up to and including 17 March 2011.

The Chairperson recapitulated on the extensive discussion on 29 March 2011 on whether the Public Protector should afford Ms Nomboniso Gasa, the Commission for Gender Equality's former chairperson, another opportunity to be heard. There was further discussion culminating in consensus.

The Ad Hoc Committee adopted, with corrections, its Committee Report with the amendment that the Public Protector afford Ms Gasa another opportunity to be heard and that the Public Protector thereafter report to the National Assembly.

Meeting report