Consideration of Committee Report on Budget Vote 13: Statistics South Africa

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Finance Standing Committee

11 April 2011
Chairperson: Mr T Mufamadi (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met in order to consider its Report on Statistics South Africa’s Budget Vote. In addition to technical and grammatical amendments, Members also proposed that the issue of under-counting be clarified, that Statistics South Africa respond to the concerns and issues raised by the Committee so that it could formulate its recommendations.

The Committee postponed the adoption of the report to the next day due to time constraints.

Meeting report

Consideration of Committee Report on Budget Vote 13: Statistics South Africa
The Chairperson tabled the report for consideration and asked Members if they wished to propose any amendments to it.

Mr D George (DA) said that the issue of under-counting (p.9, bullet point 1) needed to be clarified.

Mr N Singh (IFP) said that Statistics South Africa needed to provide answers to the questions and/or issues raised by the Committee in order for the Committee to make its recommendations.

The Chairperson replied that the Committee had raised certain issues with Statistics South Africa in its meeting with their representatives and was currently waiting on a response to these issues raised. Members needed to focus on whether the Report was an accurate depiction of what was discussed previously. Recommendations could not be written up by the Committee Secretary but needed to come from the Members themselves.

Mr D Van Rooyen (ANC) recalled that Statistics South Africa was very specific about issues in which the Committee could assist them. All that was needed was for the Secretary to include these points in the Report.

The Chairperson added that it had been acknowledged by Statistics South Africa that under-counting was indeed a problem and had, to this end, also listed ways in which they intended dealing with this challenge.

Mr M Oriani-Ambrosini (IFP) proposed the budget for corporate relations be reduced as it seemed too high.

The Chairperson noted that, as the allocated time for the meeting had run out, the Committee should continue its deliberations in the following day’s meeting.

Members agreed.

The meeting was adjourned.


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