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Employment and Labour

19 March 2002
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

19 March 2002

Chairperson: Ms E Thabethe

Documents handed out

Extract from Annual Report: Chair & Executive Director's Report
National Productivity Institute Powerpoint presentation
Annual Report 2001 of National Productivity Institute

Relevant website:
National Productivity Institute

Committee was briefed on NPI annual report. The main focus was the continued successes of the institute. Projects in a number of provinces were highlighted as being successful in eradicating poverty and creating jobs.

Dr I Dladla, Executive Director of the NPI ran through the powerpoint presentation outlining the vision, goals and particularly the successes of the NPI over the past year. Mr I Sathekge highlighted the success of the NPI in assisting in the establishment of the Pan-African productivity institute. This institute contained many of the important role-players from across the entire continent.

Mr B Coka, head of financial division at the NPI, presented the final part of the briefing. He focused on the steady increase in revenue over the last five years and mentioned that this was despite a decrease in the government grant. [Please refer to powerpoint presentation].

All members agreed that the NPI should be invited to a meeting again to ensure that adequate discussions could be conducted. It was also suggested that the portfolio committee visit the NPI offices to see how efficiently it was operating.

Finally, there was a brief discussion on the committees programme for the rest of
the year. It was agreed that the programme was acceptable despite budgetary constraints.

There was insufficient time for questions by the Committee as members had to attend a sitting on
Zimbabwe in the National Assembly.

Meeting was adjourned.


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