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05 March 2002
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report


02 March 2002

Acting Chairperson:
Ms MM Malumise (ANC)

Documents handed out
Proposed Committee Programme (Appendix)

The Committee proposed amendments to the first semester programme of the Committee. The Committee suggested that the briefing on local government service delivery, scheduled for later in the year, coincides with the Nevirapine pilot site visits because of the importance of service delivery at local level.

Ms SF Baloyi (ANC) proposed that they move the Nevirapine pilot site visits to March.

Mr SB Farrow (DP) agreed with the sentiments and suggested that they undertake some visits to the clinics in and around the Western Cape.

Ms Baloyi (ANC) they need to look at other Provinces too, not only the Western Cape.

Mr Farrow said they could fit in another Provinces during the second semester.

Ms SK Mnumzana (ANC) suggested that they visit other Provinces during the parliamentary recess.

Ms SV Kalyan (DP) said they needed to get details of the sites to be visited before the actual visit takes.

The Chairperson said they should set three days aside for hearings on the budget.

Ms Baloyi said Members should be reminded that they have nine Provinces in all, therefore three days have to be allocated for their presentation.

Mr Farrow pointed out that some smaller parties will have to attend other Committee meetings and suggested that the three days be split up.

Dr O Baloyi (IFP) endorsed the position and said the split should be between the last week of April and the first week of May.

The Chairperson reminded Members that in June they would debate the Budget.

Dr Baloyi asked why the briefing on local government service delivery by the Departmnet of Local Government has been put down later in the programme.

Mr Farrow suggested that this briefing should coincide with the site visits.

Ms Baloyi endorsed the move; they should get the National Health Department to say something about local government issues because it is at this level where service delivery must take place, as it is closer to the people.

Dr Jassat (ANC) said that was a very cost-effective measure.

Mr Farrow said they needed to get the Department to give an opinion on the number of Bills that needed to be passed during the first semester.

The Chairperson said the National Health Bill would be coming before the Committee very soon.

Ms Baloyi suggested that they should come up with provisional dates.

The Chairperson said draft dates would be made available to Members as soon as they are done.

The meeting was adjourned.

Health Portfolio Committee Programme






5 March

Discussion of programme


12 March


19 March


26 March



Budget hearings

National Directorates/

Provincial Departments

To review expenditure and under-expenditure patterns for previous financial year and to determine the impact on service delivery

Develop separate questionnaires for national department and provinces, work with Di McIntyre


Briefing by Deans of Medical Schools

Deans of Medical Schools

Committee needs to monitor intake and attrition rates

Draft Questionnaire, survey to provinces

7-8 May

National Hearings and Release of the (Barometer) CTOP report

By the Repro Right Alliance (RRA) and the Committee

To release the findings and subsequent recommendations related to the Site visits and hearings

Compile report on findings


Hearings on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome


The Committee was requested by then Minister Zuma to review the incidents of FAS and to make recommendations for further policy development

Need questionnaire, quantitative and qualitative survey in provinces, work with UCT Maternal and Child Health Unit


Hearings on Impact of Gender Violence on Health

In conjunction with the University of Witwatersrand (Loveday-Penn-kekana)

To review the health impact of gender violence and to identify needs and gaps with respect to service delivery

Place adverts, situational analysis


Briefing on Local Government Service delivery, impact constraints devolution process

Department of Health and, Department of Local Government, Health Committee's Local Government, SALGA

Local Government is ht we sphere at which basic services such as health takes place monitoring and evaluation of service delivery is thus imperative

Work with health Systems Trust and SALGA


Findings of the equity gauge

Health Systems Trust, Equity Gauge

The Committee is part of the Equity Gauge Initiative which is partnership between legislators and the Health Systems Trust, to monitor health reform



Visit Pilot sites on Nevirapine

Committee members at selected sites in Provinces

To gauge progress at the research sites and to get a sense of efficacy rates

Preparation for visits survey


Site visits to look at home based care on HIV and AIDS

Committee members to visit selected provinces

Home based care is a critical service to persons living with Aids, their families and communities determining extent of implementation is critical

Preparation for visits survey


Visiting Pilot sites on nevirapine

Committee members at selected sites in provinces

To gauge progress at the research sites and to get a sense of efficacy rates

Preparation for visits survey


Provincial visits-

KZN & Mpumalanga- Cholera, TB, Malaria, Malnutrition and HIV Pilot Sites



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