Police Portfolio Committee: Outstanding Minutes

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09 November 2010
Chairperson: Ms L Chikunga (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to consider and adopt several outstanding minutes. All were approved (with amendments) except one, as Members needed more time to consider it.

Meeting report

Adoption of 11 August 2010 Minutes
The Chairperson said that she expected Members to have read through the minutes, and therefore invited them to make corrections and suggestions.

Ms M Dube (ANC) said that she was not sure whether the minutes were supposed to be written in the Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG) format or standard format which was used in Parliament. The former Committee Secretary had used the PMG format and it was too specific.

Mr M George (COPE) suggested the use of the parliamentary format.


The Committee agreed.

Mr George said that the minutes were factual and he moved for its adoption.

The minutes were adopted with minor amendments.

Adoption of the minutes dated 13, 17, 24, 26, 31 August 2010 and 1, 3, 7 September 2010

The Chairperson tabled each of the minutes individually.


Members went through each of the minutes and highlighted several spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and minor omissions contained therein.


All 8 set of minutes were approved with amendments.

Adoption of the 14 September 2010 minutes
The Chairperson said that she was concerned because the training workshop minutes needed to be considered in detail. She then asked the Committee for direction and guidance on the way forward taking into consideration the time constraints.

Mr G Schneenman (ANC) and Ms A Van Wyk (ANC) suggested that another date could be rescheduled for the consideration and adoption of these minutes.

Mr D Kohler-Barnard (DA) and Mr George suggested the Tuesday the 16 November the whole day and evening up to Wednesday 17 2010.

Ms Van Wyk suggested that Members should prepare beforehand all the amendments and corrections for the Tuesday meeting.

Mr Schneenman suggested that Members could even work on Friday 20 2010 to finish all outstanding reports.

The Chairperson reminded colleagues that the Committee still had to deal with the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) Annual Report.

The 14 September 2010 minutes were not adopted and the Committee agreed to meet on Tuesday 16 2010.

The meeting was adjourned.


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