Independent Complaints Directorate Annual Report Hearings (Postponed)

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04 November 2010
Chairperson: Ms L Chikunga (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee first discussed amongst whether it should be briefed by the Independent Complaints Directorate in light of the fact that the erratum that the Committee had received from the organisation had not been tabled before Parliament and the Minister of Police had only been made aware of the existence of the erratum the previous day. Members also complained that the Directorate had not followed proper procedures and the presentation was too long. It was therefore agreed that the Committee should postpone the presentation by the Directorate to a later date.

The ICD delegation was called into the meeting. The Chairperson congratulated the ICD for having received an unqualified audit report from the Auditor-General. She added that it seemed as if positive things were happening within the ICD. The ICD delegation was informed that the Committee had decided not to be briefed by the ICD because the erratum had not been tabled and the presentation was too long. Some of the inaccuracies within the report were identified such as inaccurate figures within the same paragraph and a recommendation that had been made without much research. The Chairperson stressed that the Committee was not rejecting the ICD report but the ICD had to go and table the report first and redo their presentation so that it would be shorter and it would include the core business of the ICD.

Meeting report

Chairperson’s opening remarks

The Chairperson noted that the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD) had previously submitted their annual report, but it had contained many errors. Subsequently, the ICD had presented a revised report, however soon thereafter; the Committee had received an erratum, noting that there were errors in the second report as well.

The Chairperson noted that the erratum had not been tabled in Parliament and was not sure whether the Minister of Police had seen it. Furthermore, she pointed out that the document that was supposed to be presented was very long and also had missing information.

Members were asked to give their input on this matter.

Ms A Van Wyk (ANC) recommended that the ICD should prepare a proper presentation.

Ms D Kohler-Barnard (DA) noted that it was difficult to discuss the issue if the erratum had not been tabled before Parliament. She added that the document was not an official document until it had been tabled.

Rev K Meshoe (ACDP) remarked that the ICD was familiar with the parliamentary procedures and could not understand why they were not followed. He stressed that the ICD should go back and redo their presentation. In addition, he felt that that whoever was responsible needed to be reprimanded.

Ms Van Wyk stated that when the ICD appeared again before the Committee, it should have improved on the content of its report. There were a number of issues that had been included in the report that did not need to be in the report and that there were a number of important issues that needed to be in the report that had been omitted.

Mr G Schneemann (ANC) clarified that the Minister had only been made aware of the erratum late yesterday.

Ms Kohler-Barnard reiterated that the ICD needed to consolidate their presentation and their erratum.

It was decided that the ICD would make their presentation at a later date.

Engagement with ICD

The ICD delegation was called into the meeting

The Chairperson congratulated the ICD for receiving an unqualified audit opinion. The unqualified audit opinion was said to be a reflect ion of the fact that things were moving in a positive direction organisation, such as the decreased in the staff turnover.

The Chairperson mentioned that the erratum should have been tabled before Parliament and the Minister should have seen it.

Members expressed their unhappiness about the two reports and pointed out that the erratum did not assist the Committee because it did not refer to any pages in the annual report. Furthermore it was said that there were so many tables in the annual report that were empty and did not contain any information.

The Committee accused the Department of Police of extreme negligence. Members criticised the organisation for creating an impression that it did not take its work seriously

Members did not understand why the ICD needed skilled and fishery workers and plant and machinery workers. Concern was raised in relation to the report on HIV/AIDS. Different figures that related to the same information were found in the same paragraph. The recommendation on page 53 of the annual report which related to a separate hospital ward being allocated for prisoners was said to have been suggested without much thought and research since it could not be implemented.

The Chairperson said that the ICD could do better. Information on satellite offices was noted as missing from the ICD report.

The Chairperson told the ICD delegation that the Committee was not rejecting the presentation. Instead, the Committee wanted the ICD to go back and prepare a shorter presentation which would include the organisation’s core business.

The meeting was adjourned.



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