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26 February 2002
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

26 February 2002

Chairperson: Mr SL Dithebe (ANC)
The committee deliberated on its programme of action for the year 2002.Members again called for the an expert on budget analysis to be appointed to make the presentation for the Portfolio Committee and it was finally agreed that three quotations will be solicited from outside organisations who have the necessary expertise on the matter.


Mr Cassiem (IFP) told the Committee that the statutes require the National Film and Video Foundation to present its annual report to the Portfolio Committee .

Ms Van Wyk (UDM) asked why only the National Film and Video Foundation has to report and she was of the opinion that all statutory bodies should table their reports.

Mr Cassiem suggested that a three-person committee be appointed from the Members to look at the matter.

Ms Van Wyk asked Members the whereabouts of the budget.

The Chairperson replied that they are fortunate because the hounarable Cassiem is dealing with the matter.

Mr Cassiem said members who have been with the committee for a longer period would remember that they have asked Sterkinekor and other cinema establishments to explain they achievements in terms of black cinema development.

Ms Tshidi (ANC) asked if by black cinema development Members meant that blacks should go to the cinema.

Mr Cassiem further Elaborated that by black cinema development they meant what were cinema establishment doing in other to encourage young people to attend the cinema.

Ms Van Wyk said the SABC is the biggest instrument because television is accessible to a great number of people therefore it should also be accountable to the public in terms of its contribution to black film development. She added that last year Black Film writers made an impact on a film festival that was organized by the private sector and that the SABC was not fulfilling its mandate of being a public broadcaster.

The Chairperson reminded Members that there is a particular Act of Parliament that governs the SABC and suggested that Members should link up with the relevant portfolio Committee.

Mr Cassiem told Members that the CSIR has been mandated to develop a bead Project that will contribute to job creation.

Ms Van Wyk suggested that heritage be declared a national monument.

The Chairperson asked what purpose will that serve because they are dealing with a vast amount of work but was not suggesting that they must not deal with the nitty gritties.

Ms Tshidi said in the light of what the Chairperson was saying they have a Programme of Action that extends over a period of five years but they need to focus at each year looking at specifics such as Museums.

Mr Cssiem said Tshidi has hit the nail on the head.

Mr Gore (DP) said they need to find a way of scrutinizing whether the statutory institutions are meeting their objectives.

Cassiem suggested that they await a feedback from the Deputy Minister on the recent Mali findings and to find out whether there are any relevant documents.

Ms Tshidi asked whether they should include in their program interaction with the Ministry.

Ms Van Wyk asked if in the forty-three Institutions they are dealing with, whether the Science Councils are included and COHORT which does not function yet.

The Chairperson said Science Councils that they listed have a specific role to play and they report directly to the Department of Art, Culture, Science and Technology.

Mr Cassiem said the Committee needs to appoint five people among the Members to look at the National Estimates and see how the Objectives are being met.

Ms Tshidi said they need to take on board the research section to summarize the National Estimates Document.

Ms Van Wyk asked whether the report on vaccines is included in the Medical Research Council's report.

The Chairperson said it is included in the report.

Mr cassiem said the situation is that there is a protocol that is followed in developing vaccines they provide the funding and the Ministry provides the protocols.

Ms Tshidi said they should interact more with the Health Portfolio Committee.

The Chairperson was informed by the Committee Section that the DACTS will make presentation on priority bills this coming Friday.

Ms Van Wyk said in the light of the oncoming visits by the state functionaries they must implement the decision they have taken in their last meeting concerning the size of the delegation and the time they must take because usually they come with a large delegation and take a very short time during presentations.

The Chairperson added that the point made is valid the Committee must be taken seriously and also explained that a Copy Right amendment Bill has been passed by Trade and Industry portfolio Committee in line with exploitation that is being experienced by the Musician.

Cassiem also suggested that a group of five people from Members be appointed that will deal with the budget and some outside help be solicited from organisations such as IDASA be approached in this regard.

The meeting was adjourned



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