Joint Constitutional Review Committee: Preparation for Study Tour to Venice Commission

Constitutional Review Committee

16 September 2010
Chairperson: Mr B Mnguni (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee briefly discussed the preparations for the study tour to the Venice Commission. Members agreed to have a preparatory workshop before the trip, and the research team was tasked with preparations for the workshop. Members queried the selection of delegates for the trip.

Meeting report

Preparation for the Study Tour to the Venice Commission
The Chairperson gave a brief background on the study tour to the Venice Commission. Mr M Oriani-Ambrosini (IFP) had been assigned with the task of raising funds for the trip. The study tour was only approved on 13 Septembers 2010. This left the Committee with little time to prepare. The delegation would exclude Members that were part of the budget review and those whose committees were busy with legislation. The trip would be done in two phases, the first group would leave for Venice, Italy and the second group would live for Strasbourg, France. The first group would leave on the 13 October 2010 and would comprise of five members. Only two Members would participate in the proceedings, they were the two Co-Chairpersons, Mr P Holomisa (ANC) and Mr Mnguni. The rest of the delegation would be comprised of Ms J Sosibo (ANC) as the Whip and Ms D Smuts (DA) and Mr Oriani-Ambrosini from the opposition. The rest of the Members would then join the first group in Strasbourg.

Ms Sosibo asked for clarity on the exclusion of Adv M Masutha (ANC) because he was a constitution expert.

Mr N Koornhof (COPE) asked why Mr D Bloem (COPE) was not part of the delegation, given that he was from the one of the opposition parties.

The Chairperson replied that in terms of the rules only two members from the opposition parties could be selected for the trip. Ms Smuts, a member of largest opposition party and Mr Oriani-Ambrosini, who had responsible for organizing the trip, had been identified. Adv Masutha would not be able to attend as he was the involved in budget review.

Mr Oriani-Ambrosini and Ms B Mncube (ANC) suggested that the Committee should have a preparatory workshop as they would be meeting some of the world’s top constitutional experts. The workshop would make all delegates to be on an equal footing and clarify the objectives for the tour.

Ms Sosibo suggested a full day for the workshop.

The Chairperson tasked the Research Unit to do some briefing for the workshop.

It was agreed that the workshop would take place on 12 October 2010.

Mr Koornhof indicated that he would not be available for the trip due to a prior commitment.

The Chairperson urged Members to submit photos for visa’s and prepare official passports in due time.

The meeting was adjourned


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