Tourism Portfolio Committee: Committee Programme & Reports


31 May 2010
Chairperson: Mr D Gumede (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to consider its programme for the third term as well as outstanding reports and minutes. All these items were approved by the Committee.

Meeting report

Adoption of the Third-term Committee Programme
The Chairperson tabled the programme for consideration.

Prince B Zulu (ANC) recalled that a Committee had been established to construct a statute of Nelson Mandela. However, the statue never materisalised and the Committee had disappeared without informing Parliament what had happened with the funds that were allocated to it.

Ms A Njobe (COPE) suggested that the Committee should mandate the Chairperson to enquire what had happened with the statue.

Ms T Tshivhase (ANC) informed Members that the statue had been made and was erected at Robben Island and not in Parliament as was agreed on.

Ms J Maluleka (ANC) suggested that all Reports from all the Provinces had to be brought before the Committee so that they could decide on properly on what they would do on the oversight visits.

Ms M Shinn (DA) wanted clarity as to whether the Committee would carry out oversight visits to all the Provinces after the 2011 Local Government Elections.

The Chairperson suggested that the Committee conduct its oversights visits after the seminar which would be on 11 July 2010. In addition, he suggested that due to time constraints, the Committee could be divided into groups so that it could visit to all the Provinces at once.

Mr Jerry Boltina, Committee Secretary, suggested that the Committee should visit three Provinces per term as greater support would be needed to cater for all the different groupings.

Mr L Khorai (ANC) agreed with the Secretary and stated that idea of different groupings would give a negative impression about the unity of the Committee.

The programme was adopted with amendments.

Consideration and Adoption of Joint Reports
The Chairperson noted that the Committee together with the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs had conducted oversight visits to the country’s ports of entry and to the Cape Town International Airport. Two reports were compiled for these visits.

Members were satisfied with both reports and approved them without any changes.

Adoption of Outstanding Minutes
The Chairperson tabled three sets of minutes for consideration. These were dated 13 April, 20 April and 11 May. Both former minutes were approved with minor changes whilst the latter was adopted without any.

The meeting was adjourned.


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