Committee Report on Department of Arts and Culture Budget

Arts and Culture

20 April 2010
Chairperson: Mr T Farisani (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee tabled, was given a presentation on the Research Unit’s Research Report on the Department of Art and Culture budget vote, and noted that it contained useful information but did not need to be formally adopted by the Committee. It would serve to assist the Committee when it considered the Committee’s report on the budget of the Department as well as in its interactions with the Department during the year.

The Minutes of 24 March 2010 were adopted, with amendments.

Members noted that the Department of Arts and Culture would be asked to brief the Committee on 2010 events, including FIFA World Cup matters. Members commented that they would like more communication from the Director General. The Chairperson noted that there needed to be more discipline around Committee meetings from Members and the Committee section. An invitation was extended to Members by the Department to attend the Cultural Reform Conference on 20 and 21 May.

Meeting report

Committee’s Report related to Budget of Department of Arts and Culture 2010 -2011
The Chairperson tabled the Committee’s draft Research Report on the budget vote of the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC).

Mr H Maluleka (ANC) queried why the report was up for adoption.

The Chairperson pointed out that this research document related to the Committee’s draft report, which would be considered on 6 May.

Ms A Lotriet (DA) said she too did not think that this research report needed to be adopted. The Committee must merely decide whether it was satisfied with the budget allocations and make proposals on the adjusted budget.

Mr Maluleka pointed out that this was too long a report to consider page-by-page and asked that the Researcher who prepared the report should take the Committee through it.

The Chairperson explained that this report was not intended to be seen as a separate document from the Committee’s report on the budget, but was to be viewed in conjunction with it.

Mr Maluleka again questioned whether there was any point in seeking to adopt this research report prior to adopting the Committee’s report itself.

The Chairperson said assistance with the analysis report presented in the meeting would empower the Committee prior to the debate in parliament, and would also be of assistance in preparing the Committee for its meetings with the DAC.

Mr N van Zyl, Committee researcher, Parliamentary Research Unit said, in response to the Chairperson’s request for further comment, that the research report would be appearing on the Parliamentary website. The analysis related to what was in the budget, and what had been done or would be done with the funding. He noted that National Treasury had been consulted to assist with the figures presented. He then took Members through his Research Report.

The Committee then concluded that the report does not need to be considered for adoption.

Adoption Of Minutes
The Chairperson tabled the minutes dated 24 March 2010

The Minutes were adopted, with amendments.

Department of Arts and Culture 2010 activities and FIFA World Cup matters
Ms Lotriet said there had been no feedback and communication from the Department of Arts and Culture, especially in relation to the proposal list of 43 Arts and Culture activities for 2010. She also noted that the soccer terminology list referred to earlier was still outstanding. She proposed that a meeting with the Department of Arts and Culture be called to give the Committee tangible proof of progress.

Ms M Nxumalo (ANC) agreed that she knew very little about the events for 2010 and commented that the Director General was not attending Portfolio Committee meetings. She also noted that this Committee had not gone on any visits to see progress on any 2010 project, not even in connection with the 2010 World Cup.

Ms E Nyulungu (ANC) echoed the comments about the lack of support from the Director General and the dire need for it. She added that this Committee should have been more involved in the South African musician’s debate with FIFA around the World Cup Concert.

The Chairperson referred to the workshop that was previously held at the Mount Nelson Hotel and said that the Committee had concluded the lists of visits that it had to make. It was the Committee’s and not the Department’s responsibility to organise and arrange Committee visits. It was also the Committee’s responsibility to record and to take action on any promises not fulfilled by the Department arising from previous meetings, and that there was a procedure allowing for this. He agreed that the Committee did need to get more involved in the FIFA World Cup preparations.  

Ms M Morutoa (ANC) emphasised the need for a briefing from the Department on activities planned for the year 2010 and for the 2010 World Cup, especially since the World Cup was only weeks away.

The Chairperson concluded that the Department of Arts and Culture would be urgently called to a meeting, after the Constituency week, to report on progress on 2010 activities and the FIFA World Cup event.

Other matters
Ms Lotriet mentioned the need for the Committee to be involved in the Intellectual Property Rights Bill that had been tabled by the Department of Trade and Industry, as it had implications for indigenous knowledge. She reminded the Members that invitations had previously been sent to the Committee.

The Chairperson acknowledged Ms Lotriet’s request and said this would be treated as a priority matter.

The Chairperson expressed his concern about the lack of communication and preparation for Committee meetings, and urged all Members to take committee meetings seriously. He also noted that the Committee Clerk’s performance had not satisfactory. He noted that he would no longer tolerate indifference in relation to the Committee meetings.

The Chairperson distributed invitations to all Members from the Department to attend the Cultural Reform Conference, entitled “Redefining the Role of Culture in the 21st Century”, to be held from 20 to 21 May in Pretoria.

He also noted that the Department of Arts and Culture had financed translations of books by Pokka Publications. A copy of the published books was sent to the Chairperson for distribution to Members.

The meeting was adjourned.


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