Report on Review of National Gambling Legislation

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Trade, Industry and Competition

08 March 2010
Chairperson: Ms J Fubbs
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to discuss its Report on the Review of the National Gambling Legislation. The report was a second draft and included aspects about the Committee’s visit to Grandwest Casino. Although there were a few amendments to be made, the Report’s substance would remain the same. Members were encouraged to send their observations to the Committee Secretary and a decision on whether to adopt the Report would be taken on 11 March 2010. In addition, the Committee also adopted three outstanding minutes.

Meeting report

Adoption of Report on Report on Review of National Gambling Legislation
The Chairperson noted that this was the second draft of the Report. The report included aspects about the Committee’s visit to Grandwest Casino. As it was the first time this report was seen in writing, it was thought advisable for Members to read it in a formal setting before consulting with their respective parties on the matter. Recommendations were to be made on some of the issues that were flagged.

Mr Andre Hermans, Committee Secretary, pointed out that the additional recommendations from the implementing agencies were also included in this latest report.

The Chairperson referred to the first paragraph on page 7 and mentioned that the horse racing activities were broadly defined with the 2004 Act and would require detailed amendments as well as the development of policy on regulation of racing and betting activities, including sporting activities.As the Committee had not engaged directly on this issue, some members might, she felt, want to flag this for future engagement. 3
Mr Marais (DA) referred to the report and asked what ‘Fafhee games’ were. He added that the Committee needed to look at the issue of treating gambling addiction in future.

Mr X Mabaso (ANC) replied that Fafhee games were small-stakes games usually played in townships.
The Chairperson pointed out that the Report listed the socio-economic issues of gambling as an issue to be flagged.

The Chairperson noted that the Recommendations emerging from the submissions were not the Committee’s recommendations, but rather those made by relevant stakeholders.

Mr Mabaso highlighted several minor errors in the reports and proposed that these be changed.

The Chairperson noted this.

Mr S Marais (DA) said that, in relation to advertisements, the Committee should also look at sponsorships from gambling operators.

Mr G Radebe (ANC) said that it should be made clear that the Committee’s observations were not its findings.

The Chairperson noted this comment.

The Chairperson said that, although there were a few amendments to be made to the Report, its substance would remain the same. Members’ observations, which had not been captured in the Report, were to be made in writing to the Committee Secretary. A decision on whether to adopt the Report would be taken on Thursday, 11 March 2010.

Adoption of Outstanding Minutes
The Chairperson tabled three outstanding minutes for consideration. These minutes were dated 24, 25 February 2010 and 2 March 2010. All three minutes were approved without amendments.

The Chairperson mentioned that the requested change in style, which had been adopted last year, would be implemented as of the next meeting’s minutes.

The meeting was adjourned.


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