Invitation to visit Host Cities for the 2010 World Cup

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22 February 2010
Chairperson: Mr BM Komphela (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The scheduled meeting with the FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee South Africa had to be deferred as they could not attend.  A delegation from the Committee would be included in a media road show to celebrate the landmark of 100 days to the event, and a larger delegation would attend the match in Durban to mark the occasion.  Members were nominated to be included in these delegations on a proportional basis

Meeting report

The Chairperson told the Committee that members of the FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee South Africa (LOC) and MATCH were unable to attend the meeting as scheduled.  The Committee would meet with them in two weeks time.


Mr Komphela said that there would soon be 100 days remaining to the World Cup.  This event would be celebrated in Durban.  He was sure that all who were invited would honour the invitations.  A media road show would be held from 26 February to 3 March, starting in Tshwane and visiting all Host Cities.  The road show would culminate with the match between South Africa and Zimbabwe in Durban on 3 March.  Members would return home on 4 March.


The Chairperson said that the LOC could accommodate four Members on a chartered flight organised by the LOC.  This number did not include him. A total of eight Members could be accommodated for the match in Durban.  On the basis of proportionality, the group of four would consist of three ANC members and one member of the official opposition, namely the DA.  In selecting the Members the Committee would also have to consider the gender balance.


Mr L Suka (ANC) agreed on the need for proportionality.  He noted the apology of Mr Frolick.  Due to the situation at George airport flights from Port Elizabeth had been delayed that day.  Ms Mjobo would host the Members in Durban which left only two female Members on the Committee.


The Chairperson said that Mr D Lee (DA) and Mr G MacKenzie (COPE) had indicated that they were not available to attend.


Mr J McGluwa (ID) asked a question on a lighter note.  Since there would be no voting involved he suggested that the composition of the delegation should be on a multi-party basis.


After consultation with the Members, the Chairperson announced that the delegation would be Ms T Lishivha, Ms G Tseke and Mr M Dikgacwi (ANC), and Mr J van der Linde (DA).  Mr Dikgacwi offered to cede his place to Mr Suka.  Mr B Dhlamini (IFP) and Mr McGluwa would be invited to join the group for the KwaZulu-Natal visit.  The group of eight would include five ANC members and one each from the DA, COPE and IFP.


Adoption of Minutes

The Chairperson asked the Members to consider the Minutes of Proceedings for the meeting held on 2 February 2010.  Their correctness was motioned by Mr Dikgacwi and seconded by Mr S Mmusi (ANC).  Mr Suka moved that the Minutes of 16 February 2010 be adopted, which was seconded by Mr van der Linde.  Both sets of Minutes were adopted.


The Chairperson confirmed that the Committee would meet with MATCH in the week following the 100 day celebrations.


The meeting was adjourned.



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