Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Bill [B7-2009]: finalisation

Sports, Arts and Culture

18 November 2009
Chairperson: Mr B Khompela (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to discuss the proposed amendments to the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Bill. After reading through the proposed amendments and asking the drafters several questions, the Committee approved the Bill with amendments.

Meeting report

The Committee noted the proposed amendments to the Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Bill. The Chairperson said that any grammatical or cross-referencing errors they noticed in the cleaned-up version of the Bill should be pointed out to the drafters.

Members perused the Bill for anything they wished to highlight or gain clarity on.

Mr L Suka (ANC) asked what the correct term was to be used when referring to people with disabilities.

Ms G Tseke (ANC) answered that the correct term was ‘persons with disabilities’.

The Chairperson added that, as the term was used by organisations such as the United Nations, it had become the accepted one.

Mr Suka referred to the Definitions and Application of Act section and asked what constituted a ‘motor vehicle’. Should this not be extended to motorcycles and trucks etc.

Mr J Van Der Walt (Legal Services Director – SAPS) said that a motor vehicle was legally defined as any vehicle powered by a motor.

The Chairperson signed the Motion of Desirability for the Bill. He asked whether members had any errors they wished to highlight. The Chairperson asked for the bold script at the end of page 28 to be transferred to the top of page 29 as this would facilitate a smoother read for the reader.

No errors were picked up by the Committee.

Mr N Mehlonalalu (Legal Advisor – SRSA) referred to the Offence and Penalties Section 44(u) (page 61), and said that the wording “traffic free” was to be amended so as to read “traffic-free zone”.

Voting on the Bill
The Chairperson asked whether the Committee members agreed to the amendments made.

The Committee seconded and approved the Bill with amendments.

The meeting was adjourned.


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