Report on Mpumalanga Oversight visit

NCOP Finance

29 October 2009
Chairperson: Mr M De Beers (ANC; Northern Cape)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to review the report on its oversight visit in Mpumalanga. The report comprised of comments, concerns and responses that were made by the participants. Members expressed concern that their views were not captured properly in the report. Members also suggested the use of recording aids to assist in better capturing the proceedings of future oversight meetings. The Committee adopted the report pending the changes that must be made to it.

Meeting report

Consideration of the Report on the Mpumalanga Oversight visit
The Chairperson tabled the report for consideration. He noted that only two Members had responded to the request for inputs on the report.

Mr W Makhubela (COPE; Limpopo) pointed out that the comments raised by Members during the visit were not captured coherently in the report and requested that the Committee Secretary address this.
Mr D Montsitsi (ANC; Gauteng) agreed with this observation and cited that some of the concerns of the farmers were not adequately reflected in the report.

Mr D Bloem (COPE; Free State) emphasised the need for clear recommendations because it was Parliament’s role to give direction.

Mr Zolani Rento, Committee Secretary, explained that the report was structured in that manner because the oversight meetings were dominated by questions as opposed to clear and coherent answers.
Mr Montsitsi said that because the Mpumalanga Oversight was the first in a string of many to come, it should be used as a learning curve of how best to conduct future ones.

Mr T Channe (ANC; North West) suggested that there should be recording aid in future oversight meetings so that the proceedings could be better captured and recorded.

Mr Bloem asked if the Secretary had recording devices.
Mr Rento replied that the Committee Section was not adequately resourced with recording aid devices
The Chairperson said the Secretary must make a plan to ensure that access to recording equipment was possible in the future.

The Committee adopted the report pending the changes that must be made to it.

Committee Matters
The Committee then discussed internal administration issues like meeting schedules and how best to coordinate their meetings by ensuring that they are aligned with those of the Finance Committee.
The Chairperson announced that the next oversight meeting was postponed to early next year as opposed to the 6 November 2009 and brought closure to the meeting.

The Committee decided not to review the minutes of the previous meeting as it was not available.
The meeting was adjourned.


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