Co-Operative Governance & Traditional Affairs Portfolio Committee Programme

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Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

24 August 2009
Chairperson: Ms D Nhlengethwa (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

The Committee met to consider and adopt their programme for the period July – November 2009. Members commented about the programme and proposed changes to it. The programme was adopted subject to amendments.

Meeting report

Election of Acting Chairperson
The Committee Secretary apologised on behalf of the Chairperson who was absent as he was attending another meeting. As a result, calls were made for the nomination of an Acting Chairperson.

Mr M Nonkonyana (ANC) nominated Ms D Nhlengethwa (ANC) as the Acting Chairperson. No other nominations were put forward and the latter was duly elected.

Consideration and Adoption of Committee Programme
The Acting Chairperson read out the Committee’s Draft Programme for the year, noting that venues would be announced at a later stage.

Mr P Smith (IFP) discussed two issues. Firstly, he noted that the programme did not indicate that legislation that would be referred to the Committee and questioned whether this would be the case. In addition, he suggested that the Committee should also attend, as participants, the National Indaba which the Minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs had spoken about.
The Chairperson responded that once the Executive had finalised its discussions, legislation is then referred to Parliament. Members would be provided with information regarding the National Indaba once the dates and venue had been finalised

Mr Smith raised two additional matters. Firstly, he argued that the period allocated for oversight visits should be expanded. Secondly, he advised that it was not necessary for the committee to have seven Annual Report hearings and felt that that this should be compressed in order for other issues to be discussed.

The Chairperson replied that the oversight visits to critical regions must still be identified and added to the programme. She stated that there was a necessity to have that many Annual Report hearings because of the number of entities that were required to report to the Committee. Finally, she added that Mr Smith’s comments would, however, be noted in programme.

Mr W Doman (DA) suggested that the Committee meet on a Sunday evening to carry out the oversight visits on the Monday and possibly Tuesday. This would entail only losing out on one day in Parliament. He said the Committee should also be mindful that they were to meet with the Justice and Constitutional Development Portfolio Committee around the issue of the 17th Constitutional Amendment Act. He requested that there be a briefing by the Department of Co-operative Governance Act on the proclamations issued in terms of the Rates Act and extending the period in which evaluations were done. He said the Committee should also strive to keep abreast of issues relating to municipalities that have been put under administration. The Committee should also consider meeting with the Select Committee on Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs when the different MECs briefed that Committee.
The Chairperson noted his proposal. She said that input from members would be noted and added as amendments to the programme.

Mr Nonkonyana called for the adoption of the programme, subject to amendments.

The Chairperson declared that the Committee had adopted the programme subject to amendments.

The meeting was adjourned.


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