Election of Chairperson and Update on Nominations for Public Protector

Appointment of Public Protector

17 August 2009
Chairperson: Adv T Masutha (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

Adv Masutha was elected unopposed as the Chairperson. The Committee received an update on the nomination process for the new Public Protector. There was a suggestion that the Committee should re-open the nomination process. However, it was decided that the Committee would first evaluate the current nominations first before considering such a step. A Member also complained about the poor attendance levels and urged the Chairperson to address this matter urgently.

Meeting report

Nomination and Election of Chairperson
The nominations were presided over by a member of the Committee Section of Parliament.

Adv T Masutha (ANC) was the only candidate nominated and was duly elected as chairperson.

Adv Masutha thanked Members of the Committee for expressing support and confidence in him. He then requested a progress report from the Committee Section regarding the nominations for the next Public Protector.

Update on Nominations for Public Protector
Mr A Mamabolo (Committee Section) informed the Committee that 32 CVs had been received. The Committee was tasked with compiling a shortlist of nominees and thereafter conducting interviews with those selected. The Committee was expected to finalise its recommendation by 11 September 2009.

The Chair commented that the term of the current Public Protector would expire on the 15 October 2009. He noted that the advert (for nominations) was published during the previous term of parliament and that the closing date for nominations expired before the new parliament was established. As a result, he suggested that the Committee re-open the nomination process.

Ms D Smuts (DA) argued that the Committee should first examine the CVs and only consider re-opening nominations afterwards.

The Committee accepted this recommendation.

Ms N Michael (DA) raised concerns about the poor attendance levels. She noted that the Committee had to postpone today’s meeting on two previous occasions due to this reason and that the Committee only managed to elect a Chairperson because it had co-opted Members from other committees. In addition, she thanked the Secretary for alerting Members about the meeting. Finally, she appealed to the Chairperson to address this matter (of poor attendance) with the caucus.

The Chairperson replied that the Chief Whip of the ruling party had issued a stern warning to ANC members to attend Committee Meetings.

The meeting was adjourned.


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