ICD Executive Director appointment nomination: committee confirmation

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05 August 2009
Chairperson: Ms L Chikunga (ANC)
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Meeting Summary

After the Minister of Police’s briefing the previous day and perusing the documentation on the nomination process, the Committee met and approved Mr Francois Beukman as the Executive Director for the Independent Complaints Directorate. COPE had the previous day warmly approved Mr Francois Beukman’s credentials for the job. However the party did express its concern at the practice of appointing people who had had previous political alignments into public office.

Meeting report

The matter was tabled again by the Chairperson for members to have their final say on whether or not to confirm or reject the appointment of Mr Francois Beukman as ICD Executive Director.

Mr G Schneemann expressed his satisfaction on behalf of the ANC about the appointment. He said all the processes were satisfactory and the candidate nominated was simply the good one for the job.

Mr M George said he had nothing personal against the individual nominated or about his qualifications. However he had serious reservations with the practice of appointing people who had had previous political alignments into public office.

Mr Meshoe (ACDP) said he was happy with the nomination of the candidate concerned and would support the appointment by the Minister without any reservations.

A move to adopt the nomination was finally taken, prompting the Chairperson to declare that the nomination had been dealt with in accordance with the statutory provision governing the nomination and appointment.

The meeting was adjourned.


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