Joint Constitutional Review: Election of Co-Chairpersons

Constitutional Review Committee

01 July 2009
Chairperson: Mr S Holomisa (ANC) and Mr T Chaane (ANC, North West)
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Meeting Summary

In terms of the rules of parliament, the Committee elected co-chairpersons. The elected officials were chosen from both the National Assembly as well as the National Council of Provinces. The Committee decided it would meet on the 8th July 2009 at 8am to discuss its programme of action.

Meeting report

The Committee Secretary called for nominations for the National Assembly (NA) component.

Ms J Sosibo (ANC) nominated Mr S Holomisa (ANC) as co-chairperson. The nomination was seconded by Dr M Oriani-Ambrosini (IFP).

The Committee Secretary noted that there were no further nominations and declared Mr Holomisa as the Co-Chairperson. He called for nominations for the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) component.

Mr C De Beer (ANC, Northern Cape) nominated Mr T Chaane (ANC, North West). Adv T Masutha (ANC) seconded the nomination. Mr Chaane was declared the Co-Chairperson.

Mr Holomisa thanked the Committee for electing him. He noted that in terms of the rules, the Committee was supposed to have put out an advert asking the public to make submissions on what they thought needed to be reviewed in the Constitution. Since it was July already, it was too late to do it according to regulations. The Committee therefore had to decide when it would meet to discuss what to do about the situation.

Mr Chaane also thanked the Members for electing him. He was sure there would be co-operation from everyone.

Dr Oriani-Ambrosini wanted clarity on the functions of the Committee and piecemeal amendments of legislation.

Mr Holomisa stated that this would be one of the matters that would be added to the agenda. For now, the Committee had to decide when it was going to meet to discuss its programme of action. He was aware that joint committees usually met on Fridays; however, it was always difficult to get Members together on Fridays. He suggested the Committee meet at 9am on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Ms Sosibo suggested the Committee meet at 8am on Wednesday, July 8, so that Members would still be able to attend their other Committees.

Adv Masutha stated that he was part of the ANC strategy group, which usually met at 8am almost every day. He would not be available to attend meetings all the time if meetings were going to be held at 8am.

Mr N Koornhof (COPE) added that the Committee just had to meet to discuss the programme. There was no rush to decide right then. The Committee could discuss meeting times at the next meeting. 

Mr Holomisa noted that a meeting would be held on 8 July at 8am.

The meeting was adjourned.


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