Preparations for Hearings on Workplace Discrimination & Workshop on Department Legislation and Policies: discussion

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Employment and Labour

31 July 2007
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Meeting Summary

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Meeting report

31 July 2007

Ms O Kaslenyane (ANC)

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The meeting was very brief due to the high numbers of absent Committee Members. The Committee was thus unable to address the issues on its agenda as it did not form a quorum. The meeting therefore comprised of discussions surrounding Member attendance at meetings and the prioritizing of schedules. A brief discussion about the organization of the public hearings followed.

Introduction by Chairperson
The chair welcomed back all the Committee Members. She noted that, due to the high number of absences the Committee was unable to address the issues that had been scheduled, as the meeting was not quorate.  The Chair addressed this issue of absenteeism within her Committee, and asked Members to please strictly adhere to their Committee schedules and to prioritize their Committee meetings. Furthermore, few of the absent members in fact sent the required apologies, bringing to light the low levels of dedication on behalf of many of the members within the committee. This should be addressed.

Preparations for workshops
The Chair noted the urgency for preparations to be made on the matters, and outlined some of the provisional dates and attendees.
Mz S Rajbally (Minority Front) addressing the issue of member attendance asked if there could be some mechanism set up for oversight of the committee schedules on a weekly basis to assist in the resolution of clashes between various committees. This was a problem that affected many of Members as several served on various Committees.

Mr O Mogale (ANC) addressed three issues relating to the Member attendance.  The first issue concerned the communication of the meeting schedules.  Previously the schedules were communicated via SMS, however that convenient practice has fallen by the wayside. The second issue was absenteeism and the provision of apologies for absenteeism, and called for a follow-up on the issue. The third issue related to absenteeism called for a mechanism by which the truant Members could be held accountable.

The Chair agreed that the issues were problematic. She assured the Committee that she would address the issues.

The Committee agreed that there needed to be widespread advertising of calls for public comment on discrimination in the workplace, as it was such a common and far-reaching issue. There would in fact be extensive advertisement, particularly due to the Parliamentary collaboration with SABC.

The meeting was adjourned.


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