The Contribution of SOEs to Vision 2030

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Public Enterprises

The National Planning Commission has published a Position Paper for comment on the performance of SOEs and their contribution to achieving the NDP’s Vision 2030.

Comments must be sent to Mr Ashraf Kariem at by no later than Tuesday, 30 June 2020

The NPC study focuses on the following:

 Three case studies of critical infrastructure SOEs, specifically Eskom, Transnet and PRASA. These entities are critical and have had performance challenges, so benefit the most from this focus. The learning from these case studies also contributes to generalized learning and recommendations.

Three logical steps:

- The first step involved lifting out what the NDP said in respect of the vision for energy, commercial and commuter transport in their contribution to economic development and inclusion to achieve Vision 2030.

- The second step was to lift out what the NDP said about the role for Eskom, Transnet and Prasa.

- The third step was to review what the NDP said were the critical dependencies to ensure that these SOEs made that contribution (‘what needs to be true’).