Assessing the Implications of Covid-19 Pandemic Regulations on Human Rights and the Rules of Law in Eastern and Southern Africa

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Submissions are now closed (since 10 June 2020)

Higher Education, Science and Innovation

The University of Pretoria invites all scholars and other persons interested in research in Assessing the implications of Covid-19 pandemic regulations on human rights and the rule of law in Africa to submit an abstract of at least 500 words on any of the sub-themes indicated below or a closely related theme. The abstract should set out the issue to be addressed in the full paper, the methodolgy, and the main anticipated findings or insights. 

The deadline for submitting abstracts is Wednesday, 10 June 2020.

Abstract should be emailed to Dr. Lukman Abdulrauf at and Tresor Muhindo at copying Prof. Charles M. Fombad at 


This call for papers wants authors to critically examine some of the issues that have arisen because of the measures that have been adopted by different countries in Eastern and Southern Africa to deal with the risks posed by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. The paper could examine the general response of a particular country (country study) or adopt a country or comparative cross-country approach that focuses only on a particular theme such as: 

- Covid-19 and law enforcement and respect for civil and political rights

- Covid-19 and threats to socio-economic rights and poverty alleviation measures.

- Covid-19 and oversight of emergency regime: parliament, courts and others

- Covid-19 and threats to homeless people, minorities and other marginalised groups

- Covid-19 and the role of international interventions: WHO, AU and RECs

The papers, whether general or specific, should for example, deal with the following aspects: i) The legal framework for the measures taken ii) Safeguards for ensuring respect of the constitution and compliance with the rule of law iii) Challenges experienced especially with respect to compliance with the rule of law; and iv) General lessons for the future.