Unemployment Insurance Amendment Draft Bill

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Employment and Labour

The Minister of Labour, hereby publish proposed amendments to the Unemployment Insurance Act, 2001, for general information and representations

The Bill seeks to amend the Unemployment Insurance Act, 2001,
• provide for the extension of the unemployment insurance benefits to learners who are undergoing Learnership training, civil servants and foreign workers who are with the country;
• adjust the crucial rate of contributor's entitlement to unemployment insurance benefits;
• finance employment services
• extend a contributor's entitlement to benefits under certain circumstances;
• provide for the process of application for maternity benefits;
• repeal some enforcement provisions;
• empower the Unemployment Insurance Board to provide in its constitution for the function of regional appeals committees;
• amend the Schedule 2 to the Unemployment Insurance Act, 2001 so as to provide for the adjustment of the Income Replacement Rate

All interested parties are invited to submit written representations on the Bill

Comments can be emailed to Advocate Mazwiogwani Cornelius Phathela at MazwiogwaniCornelius.Phathela@labour.gov.za by no later than Monday, 19 August 2013.