Draft Regulations on the Carbon Offset

Call for comments opened 14 November 2018 Share this page:

Submissions must be received by no later than 14 December 2018

Finance Standing Committee

The National Treasury has published the Draft Regulations on the Carbon Offset and is asking you to comment.

The Draft Regulations gives effect to the carbon offsets scheme under the carbon tax and is structured as follows:
▪ Definitions;
▪ Projects eligibility and non-eligibility criteria;
▪ Offset utilisation period;
▪ Designation of Administrator;
▪ Creation, maintenance and access to the offset registry;
▪ Procedure for claiming the offset allowance;
▪ Duties of the Administrator in facilitating taxpayer claiming the allowance;
▪ Requirements for extended letter of approval; and
▪ Content and retainment of certificate.

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can be emailed to revisedoffsetcomments@treasury.gov.za by no later than Friday, 14 December 2018.

Any clarification questions can be directed to Dr. Memory Machingambi, email: Memory.Machingambi@treasury.gov.za