National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill

Call for comments opened 21 June 2018 Share this page:

Submissions are now closed (since 21 September 2018)


The Minister of Health invites interested parties to submit written comments on the proposed draft National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill.


The comments on the draft Bill must be submitted to [email protected] by no later than 21 September 2018


The Bill aims:


To provide mandatory prepayment health care services in the Republic in pursuance of section 27 of the Constitution; to establish a National Health Insurance Fund and to set out its powers, functions and governance structures; to provide a framework for the active purchasing of health care services by the Fund on behalf of users; to create mechanisms for the equitable, effective and efficient utilisation of the resources of the Fund to meet the health needs of users; to preclude or limit undesirable, unethical and unlawful practices in relation to the Fund and its users; and to provide for matters connected herewith.