Sectional Titles Amendment Draft Bill, 2017

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Rural Development and Land Reform

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reforms has published the Sectional Titles Amendment Draft Bill, 2017 and is asking you to comment.

The Bill seeks to amend the Sectional Titles Act, 1986, so as to:
▪ amend certain definitions;
▪ provide for the developer to answer questions put to the developer by the gents of the lessees;
▪ provide that a certificate issued by an architect or a land surveyor must also comply with section 26(2) of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013;
▪ further provide for the amendment of sectional plans in respect of exclusive use areas;
▪ further provide for the amendment and cancellation of a sectional plan upon an order of the court;
▪ provide for the noting of a title deed in respect of the lapsing of a reservation in terms of section 25;
▪ provide for a lease of part of the common property with the consent of the holders of registered real rights;
▪ amend the provisions relating to the alienation of common property;
▪ further provide for the cancellation of a mortgaged section and mortgaged exclusive use area;
▪ also provide for a developer to submit a plan for subdivision or consolidation to the Surveyor -General for approval to subdivide, consolidate and to extend a section;
▪ extend the registration of subdivision of a section, the consolidation of sections, and the extension of sections to a developer;
▪ provide for the filing of replacement documentation in respect of lost or destroyed documentation;
▪ amend the provisions relating to the extension of a scheme;
▪ amend the provisions relating to participation quotas of sections;
▪ regulate the membership of the sectional titles regulations board;
▪ amend the transitional provisions

Comments can be emailed to Antoinette Reynolds at by no later than Sunday, 30 July 2017.