Performers Protection Amendment Bill [B24-2016]

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Trade and Industry

The Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry invites you to submit written comments on the Performers Protection Amendment Bill [B24-2016].

The Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill seeks to address the challenges facing the creative industry from non-payment of royalties; lack of formalisation of the creative industry which exposes it to abuse; piracy; and rights of performers by making provision for— 1. the protection of performers’ moral and economic rights; 2. written agreement where rights of performers are involved; 3. the protection of rights of producers of phonograms; and 4. prohibition of conduct in respect of technological protection measures and copyright management information.

The Bill addresses payment of royalties to performers; safeguarding the rights of contracting parties; promotes performers’ moral and economic rights for performances in audiovisual fixations. The Bill outlines the policy proposals that intend to review the structure of the Tribunal in order to broaden access to justice by aggrieved parties which is hampered by the delays in allocating the dates for hearing and making findings. The Bill’s proposals are premised partly on the World Intellectual Property Organisation treaties such as The Beijing Treaty for the protection of Audio Visual Performances, the Performers and Phonograms Treaty and the WIPO Copyright Treaty.

Interested individual and groups wishing to comment are kindly requested to forward written submissions to the Committee by no later than Monday, 06 February 2017.

Public hearings have been scheduled for 21 and 24 February 2017.

All correspondence should be addressed to Ms J Fubbs, Chairperson: PC on Trade and Industry and marked for the attention of Mr A Hermans

Comments can be emailed to Mr A Hermans at ; by no later than Monday, 06 February 2017

Enquiries may be directed to Mr A Hermans on tel (021) 403-3776

Issued by: Ms J Fubbs, Chairperson: Portfolio Committee of Trade and Industry.