Comment: Sectional Titles Amendment Draft Bill, 2012

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Rural Development and Land Reform

The Minister for Rural Development and Land Reforms requests public comments on the Draft Sectional Titles Amendment Bill, 2012

The Billaims to:
▪ further regulate notification of the intended establishment of schemes and the sale of units to lessees;
▪ provide for the Surveyor-General to investigate draft sectional plans and prescribed documentation;
▪ provide for the cancellation of registered sectional plans in a prescribed manner;
▪ regulate the issuing of a certificate of registered sectional title in respect of a fraction of an undivided share in a section;
▪ provide for the registration of a transfer of a part of the common property with the consent of the owners of the sections and the holders of registered real rights;
▪ provide for the endorsing of title deeds to reflect amended participation quota schedules;
▪ regulate the alienation of a portion of land over which a real right of extension or part thereof is registered;
▪ provide for the consent of holders of registered real rights over exclusive use areas to the alienation of common property;
▪ provide for the cession of a mortgage real right of extension and a mortgage real right of exclusive use area;
▪ provide for the cancellation of part of a section pursuant to an expropriation;
▪ increase the percentage deviation in the participation quota as a result of the extension of a section;
▪ further provide for the consent of bondholders with the registration of a sectional plan of extension;
▪ further regulate the lodgement of certificates and prescribed documentation with the registration of sectional documentation to be lodged with the Surveyor-General;
▪ provide for the issuing of more than one certificate of real right of extension and more than one certificate of real right of exclusive use area;
▪ provide for a deviation from the particulars of the plans to scale upon unanimous resolution of the body corporate and consent of the bondholders and holders of registered real rights.

Comments can be emailed to AS Reynolds at by no later than Friday, 26October 2012

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