National Road Traffic Amendment Draft Bill

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The Department of Transport has published the draft National Road Traffic Amendment Bill, and has asked for comments from the public.

Bill seeks to the National Road Traffic Act, 1996, so as to:
▪ amend and insert certain new definitions;
▪ provide for the registration and licensing of motor vehicles, manufactures, builders, body builders, importers and manufactures of number plates;
▪ require a provincial Department responsible for transport or municipality to register a driving licence testing centre before operating as a driving licence testing centre to approve and register a driving licence testing centre ;
▪ provide for the registration and grading of driving school instructors;
▪ provide for the registration of driving schools;
▪ reduce the blood alcohol concentration limit in drivers.

Comments can be emailed to Ngwako Thoka at [email protected] or John Motsatsing at [email protected] by no later than Saturday, 28 February 2015.

Enquiries can be directed to Ngwako Thoka on tel (012) 309 3764 or John Motsatsing on tel (012) 309 3574

The National Road Traffic Amendment Bill (Bill) was drafted to give effect, in the short- term, to some of the principal strategies contained in the National Road Safety Strategy, 2006 (Road Safety Strategy). The Road Safety Strategy, among other things, contains the Millennium Development Goals set out by Ministers of Transport in Africa, for the purposes of reducing road crashes and improve traffic law enforcement, among other things, and improve on existing mechanisms and creating more measures to ensure road traffic safety. The Bill seeks to achieve proper implementation of the strategic interventions highlighted in the Road Safety Strategy and address practical challenges.