Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Amendment Draft Bill 2014

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The Department of Transport has published the Air Traffic and Navigation Services Company Amendment Draft Bill 2014, and has asked for comments from the public.

Bill seeks to amend the Air Traffic and M-Navigation Services Company Act 1993 so as to:
▪ insert new definitions;
▪ substitute certain expression;
▪ provide for appeals against the decision of the Committee;
▪ provide for offences.

Comments can be emailed to Mr Trevor Mphahlele at or Mr Noko Mashala at by no later than Friday, 2 January 2015.

Enquiries can be directed to Mr Trevor Mphahlele on tel (012) 309 3481 or Mr Noko Mashala (012) 309 3522

The Bill seeks to give legal status to the Approach Document which is a document in which the Committee provides guidelines to be followed by the Companies in submitting Permission applications; provide for the procedure for meetings and decisions of the Committee to ensure transparency, flexibility and predictability of the Regulatory Framework; and provide for effective appeals mechanisms where the Company or any aggrieved person can appeal against the decisions of the Committee.