Davis Tax Committee: Small and Medium Enterprise: Taxation Considerations, Interim Report, July 2014

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Finance Standing Committee

The National Treasury has published the Davis Tax Committee SME report for public comment, and has asked for comments from the public.

Find documents here: Media Statement
Davis Tax Committee SME Report

In essence, the report covers the following areas relating to the taxation of SMEs:
▪ The role of SMEs in the economy;
▪ The definition of a small business;
▪ Challenges facing SMEs, especially the tax compliance burden;
▪ A review of income tax incentives for "small business corporations";
▪ A review of the income tax incentives for "venture capital companies" to fund small businesses;
▪ A review of the alternative presumption turnover tax system for "micro business";
▪ A review of the Value-Added Tax requirements for SMEs;
▪ The impact of the new Employment Tax Incentive on SMEs.

Comments can be emailed to Mr Vinesh Pillay at www.taxcom@sars.gov.za by no later than Sunday, 31 August 2014

Enquiries can be directed to Mr Vinesh Pillay on tel (012) 432 9390