Public Administration Management Bill [B55B-2013]

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Public Service and Administration, Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

The Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration invites you to submit written comments on the Public Administration Management Bill [B55B-2013].

The Bill [B55B-2013] seek to:
▪ Promote and give effect to the values and principles in section 195(1) of the Constitution;
▪ Provide for the transfer and secondment of employees;
▪ Promote a high standard of professional ethics in the public administration;
▪ Promote the use of information and communication technologies in the public administration;
▪ Promote efficient service delivery in the public administration;
▪ Facilitate the eradication and prevention of unethical practices in the public administration; and
▪ Provide for the setting of minimum norms and standards to give effect to the values and principles of section 195(1) of the Constitution.

Public hearings will be held on Friday, 7 March 2014 in Parliament, Cape Town.

Comments can be emailed to Ms Zola Vice at by no later than Wednesday, 5 March 2014.

Enquiries can be directed to Ms Zola Vice on tel (021) 403 3755 or cell: 083 709 8397

Please indicate your interest in making a verbal presentation.

Issued by Honourable J. Moloi-Moropa, MP and Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Public Service and Administration.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (''the Constitution''), requires cooperative and effective government while recognising that government in the national, provincial and local spheres are distinctive, interdependent and interrelated. Together the three spheres of government are required to provide effective, transparent, accountable and coherent government for the country. This requires that the spheres must respect each other's territory, powers and functions while striving to work together in a meaningful way to maximise service delivery impact for the citizens. The drive towards coordinated government has been at the heart of government's transformation and reform programmes for a number of years. In 1998, the Presidential Review Commission advised that intergovernmental relations needed to be improved. As a result, Government reconfigured its Cabinet committees to facilitate coordination in particular sectors. These measures supported a horizontal integration among national departments. To complement this horizontal integration, a system of vertical integration was developed which established forums to promote and facilitate intergovernmental relations between the President and Premiers, Premiers and Mayors, and Ministers and provincial Members of Executive Councils responsible for concurrent portfolios. The Bill seeks to promote efficient public service delivery. In May 2013 Cabinet approved that the Public Administration Management Bill, 2013 (''the Bill''), be published for comment. The Bill was published for comment on 31 May 2013 with 28 June 2013 as the deadline for submission of comments to the department of Public Service and Administration. The deadline for submission of comments was subsequently extended to 31 July 2013. The Bill was revised taking into account the written and oral submissions received after extensive consultations and information sharing sessions with different stakeholders.